Star Wars Comic Book Wednesdays #1

I figured this week might be a good week to start sharing my brief thoughts on the comics released on Wednesdays. This week we have a total of four issues of different Star Wars comics, which is insane. When I knew there was going to be four Star Wars issues out at the same time, I figured we’d get one a week. This week we have four issues in one day. I’m in Star Wars comic book heaven. I can’t lie.

Lando #5

The fifth and final Lando issue hit today. I have to say, the comics that run in this line aren’t my favorite so far. However, Lando #5 ended up with a huge sacrafice by Lobot. During the run up to this issue I really disliked the cat people and what I felt was a mischaracterization of Lobot. I still don’t really like the cat people and still think they’re uninspired. But I do think giving Lobot personality and then taking it away was a great consequence for the story. Unlike Leia, the mini-series before Lando, this had consequence and I loved it for that.

Biggest Revelation:

Lando owes Lobot a debt, and their friendship on Could City is a product of Lando going on the “good” path.

Star Wars #10

I am really digging how Star Wars #10 has three plots running all at the same time. That is no amazing feat but when all three plots running through the story are interesting and or fun, that’s cool. Luke being trained against his will to be a gladiator because a Hutt wants to see a Jedi die in his arena is a fun idea. Han Solo dealing with his ex-wife (whom he claims isn’t his ex) is also fun. Threepio and Chewbacca teaming up to find Luke and the little adventure that begins there was also delightful.

Biggest Revelation:

Han really probably wasn’t married before. Not really new news but the Jedi Temple on Coruscant is an Imperial Palace now, too.

Shattered Empire #2

Shattered Empire is probably my favorite of the current Star Wars books being published, comics or otherwise. This is the story people wanted Aftermath to be. It is interesting to me that we learn about Poe Dameron’s parents. This bad guy that has a fingernail for taking blood, vampire Lestat-style is really cool. He has the ability to show video messages where his face should be in his fishbowl helmet. I wonder if the message is a last directive of Emperor Palpatine or was it made by the actor pretending to be Palpatine in Aftermath? Shara Bey continues to be an interesting hero. I really liked seeing her on Naboo with Leia but I did question the mentioning of Leia’s last visit in the Leia mini-series. Evan was such a lame character, but Leia being there with Bey really brought that to light for me. Naboo joining Leia’s cause was cool as they’re kind of like Germany after Hitler and they want to make things right in the universe.

Biggest Revelation:

Poe is already born by this time! He is with his grandfather during the war.

Darth Vader #10

Darth Vader #10 is probably the most consistently well produced and fun of all the books so far. I am a little surprised as it really could have been very dry and boring. For the most part the writing of Darth Vader has been pretty in character and the depth they have given Darth Vader after we know Anakin so well from Episodes I-III is a nice added bonus. I am really enjoying the adventures of a space anthropologist that works for Darth Vader. This wasn’t the hugest issue in the series but it has so much clout with me, these easier moments still work

Biggest Revelation:

Darth Vader learning that Amidala had a son that survived and the rumors are true.

What a week! In the future, these will likely be a lot smaller. I wish I could just share my thoughts on Twitter but I need just a little more than the character limit allows. Feel free to share your respectful comments below. I look forward to reading them!



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