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Star Wars Rebels Rad New Season 2 Trailer!

Wow! Star Wars Rebels’ new teaser went up on Tumblr this morning and boy does it say it a lot about the characters this season. You almost need a spoiler warning for this one. It really rocks.

Update: Trailer is gone but here are the big points:

  • Reiterates the ending of Season 1. “Family stuff.”
  • Recaps Season 2 premiere from Celebration: Sith dispatch Inquisitors to hunt the Rebels.
  • Hyperspace drop-out effect used again as giant Rebel ship is pulled from hyperspace.
  • Interdictor Cruiser!
  • Can’t beat blockade, not without a better ship (they need a B-wing for Hera to fly).
  • They took the childrens! The kids are like Ezra.
  • Sexy new red B-wing while tiny Mon Cal engineer says it packs a punch.
  • Rex stuff.
  • Hera wants to fight a bigger fight.
  • Ezra’s parents are seen.
  • Ahsoka has questions. Questions that need answering.
  • Hondo suggests Ezra becomes a pirate Jedi!
  • New bounty hunter. Bo Katan? Sabine has a bounty hunter past. “Tell me you don’t miss it.”
  • Ezra’s parents escaped according to an old guy.
  • Star Bus.
  • Empire put a bounty on Sabine.
  • Clan Wren of House Vizsla!
  • Ahsoka versus two inquisitors
  • Imperial platforms inspired by Naboo again.
  • Explosions.
  • October 14th

I love the parentage/heritage stuff for Ezra and Sabine. And that bounty hunter…

Update #2: You can see the trailer via Club Jade above.


Should be one S on bus.

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