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Star Wars: The Force Awakens and an interesting rumor about Finn’s name

Cinelinx has a really interesting tidbit today about Finn from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. If you remember a while back, a toy was released where Finn says “FN2187.” Upon hearing this in late August, it did occur to me that FN does sound like “Finn,” and perhaps the rumors about Finn being somewhat of alias are true.

Cinelinx writes:

 Well, according to our sources Finn is pretty much his ONLY name. Well technically, he’s FN-2187.

It was not uncommon to hear that Finn was going to be the son of Zare Leonis or even Lando. Well, according to Cinelinx, it doesn’t sound like we’re going to get an answer to that riddle anytime soon. Apparently Finn Doesn’t remember much about his childhood and his name is simply his number.

According to what Cinelinx has heard, Finn and his First Order comrades practice with lightsabers and shields as part of their general training. That means it is possible to see Captain Phasma fight with a Wampa claw lightsaber. I wonder if their sabers are as unstable as Kylo Ren’s?

So Finn doesn’t really have a name–he’s a stormtrooper. He comes from a faceless regime hellbent on galaxy-wide oppression and he simply is a number. Like THX-1138, he will break out and find individuality and establish his “name” in the galaxy. I like it. I hope this one pans out. I initially hoped that Ezra Bridger would become the Ralph McQuarrie stormtrooper as he uses a saber and collects stormtrooper helmets. But now it looks like we’ll see that in the First Order in some medium down the road.

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