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Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Carrie Fisher interviews Daisy Ridley!

Carrie Fisher interviewed Daisy Ridley for Interview Magazine. The interview is hilarious and it reads like Fisher and Ridley had a lot of fun. I suggest heading over there and reading the full interview. There’s no spoilers or anything heavy about Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

There are also some nice photos of Ridley by photographer Christian MacDonald:

Daisy Ridley

A snippet:

FISHER: Why were you in Berlin?

RIDLEY: I was doing press there, meeting all the lovely Germans.

FISHER: Are they embarrassed with the whole thing with Volkswagen? They have to recall, like, 200 million of them.

RIDLEY: I didn’t ask them about their Volkswagens. [laughs]

FISHER: I think you should. This is what I can teach you. This is how I make friends in foreign countries: Ask them about the biggest scandal since Fascism.

(via Interview Magazine)

I wish Carrie Fisher had a late night talk show. She’s the best.

Thanks to Connie Shih for the heads-up!

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