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Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ General Hux comes from a long line of Imperialists?

According to Jedi Bibliothek, the book Servants of the Empire #4: The Secret Academy by Jason Fry has a Hux in it! Very minor spoilers from the book which released today will follow below.

Secret Academy

Commandant Berol Hux to be exact. Zare will encounter Hux at the Arkanis Academy where Berol Hux wants to create a program in which the Empire raises children from infancy to train as Imperialist soliders with extreme loyalty. It isn’t far from the way young clones and Jedi were raised, in a way.

So is this General Hux of the First Order’s father or grandfather? Does this explain why Hux is rumored to be an extremist?

I’m picking the book up after I finish the boatload of Star Wars comics that came out today.

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