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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer “Done”?

Today our good buddy Jordan Maison tweeted a juicy teaser regarding the hotly anticipated Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer:

Fans have been clamoring for a trailer for months, and in recent days the frustration has reached a fever pitch, to the extent that fans are actively angry about the lack of a trailer.  To me (note for the literary challenged–I am not Jason Ward), the pitchforks need to be put back in the closet.  The trailer is coming eventually.  J.J. Abrams said it was coming in the fall.  We are currently just at the beginning of the fall season.  Fans need to calm down.

It’s actually seemed to me that fans are getting themselves all riled up with the constant baseless predictions.  Everyone time someone tweets something like “It has to come on Force Friday!” and that date passes without a trailer, fans get more upset.

Jordan’s information is interesting but not a huge shock.  Of course it has to be complete sometime soon.  Because–as J.J. already stated–the trailer is coming out soon.  Whether it’s in two weeks, four weeks or even beyond, I fail to understand the angst.

My advice : try to sit back and enjoy the ride… this is where the fun begins!



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