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Star Wars Rebels “The Lost Commanders” – Tim’s Review


Star Wars Rebels is back.  Season 2, which will have a full 22 episodes, began tonight with the episode, “The Lost Commanders.”  Here are some thoughts I have about the episode, and although there’s not a bunch of material in it to spoil, there are a few details that you may wish to avoid if you want to remain completely 100% spoiler-free.  Having said that, though, there are a few things I left out as well.

The episode is set in motion when Ahsoka gives the team a tip on where to find some much needed help.  Somewhere, there’s a brave soldier who has knowledge that they can use.  Of course, she is referring to Captain Rex.

One of my favorite parts of this episode is how they were able to find him.  Nobody knew where he was, so Ahsoka gave them an old TX-20 Separatist droid’s head.  After activating it, it started repeating a series of numbers: 7567.

Of course, this is referring to Captain Rex’s number, CT-7567.  Sure enough, they found him.  The episode continues introduce the characters to each other as they go on a mini-adventure.  Obviously, Kanan has some issues with the clones due to his last memories with them.  Since it is so emotional for him, it’s not easy to just let go.  Ultimately, the Imperials discover that there is a Jedi in the area, but how?  You’ll have to watch the episode to find out!

For me, the best part about tonight’s episode (other than seeing Rex again) was hearing him talk about Commander Tano and seeing his reaction when her name is brought up.  Hearing him say that he fought alongside Ahsoka since the Battle of Christophsis was a minor detail that brings all the emotions back.  Hearing the numbers 7567 and seeing Ezra pick up Rex’s helmet are more small but significant elements that gave the show a great link to what we already know and love in The Clone Wars.

What about Wolffe and Gregor?  Wolffe hasn’t really changed that much since the Clone Wars.  He is still as serious as ever and always ready.  Gregor, on the other hand, is seen as the crazy old man among the group.  I think we’ll see more on why that is as the season progresses.  Dave Filoni really started to do what he does best–give us, well, “feels.”  Overall, this was a brief but well-done episode that begins to lay the groundwork for some amazing stories to happen this season.  There’s quite a lot of great stuff headed our way.  Definitely stay tuned!


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