Topps Star Wars Card Trader Round-Up #11: The end of Vintage?

Welcome to’s weekly Star Wars Card Trader Round-Up #11 for the week of September 28th through October 4th.


 NEWS – 10/4/2015

Card Trader Illustrated! The Return of the Monument! And Star Wars Rocks!!!!!!

It was a quiet week. Awards were given out for Mos Eisley and Monochrome. Topps Classic Force Awakens wrapped up, and we had the introduction of a few new sets.

Card Trader Illustrated

“For the past 40 years, the Art of Star Wars has kept the saga as fresh as it was the day it first it theaters. Our newest set collects some of our favorite artwork from over the years, this is Card Trader Illustrated.

This set is VERY limited.”

They’re not kidding. This is a card for the High End Collector i.e. The Pay For Player. You get a guaranteed low count insert but you have to spend 500,000 or 900,000 credits to get one. The higher count inserts are available a few times in five minute drops with high odds but that’s it. They’re beautiful cards but only for a select group of players or those who are extremely lucky in their pulls.

Rock On!

“For many years, fans have gone to concerts to experience the iconic Star Wars score performed live and in person. But, what if you had the chance to see your favorite Star Wars characters on tour?

The all-new ‘Rock On’ set imagines Star Wars characters on classic Rock poster inspired designs!”

This set is cool enough. It looks like 80’s Star Wars Characters Rock Bands. Its an easy enough card to pull if you enjoy this type of image.

Monument Han Solo

Monuments are back but this time, using the Smuggler’s Den. This was for Han Solo but you had to shred 5,000 of the Han Solo base cards if you wanted this and had the Hans. It’s a much easier way to do then the previous way. It’s instantaneous. And when the deadline is up, the names of the players will be added to the Monument Card. Pretty cool.



Mark (GRIDDLEMARKS on #SWCT and @Griddlemarks on Twitter)

Insanely quiet week for me. It consisted of me dropping credits on Topps Classic Force Awakens and saving credits for the last week of Topps Choice. I was able to complete both sets luckily. From here…more saving and spending here and there on the ship resources. The big question is…will Vintage or Topps Choice continue? If they do, will it be the same format or will there be variants? Will it be a Master Access type set? No one knows and no announcement has been made. We’ll have to wait and see.

Andrew (DARTHDRU80 on #SWCT and @LaKingsDru on Twitter)

It was a quiet week for me as well. Been focused on the new TFA Classic set.  Absolutely love the look of these cards and the selection of characters has been solid. Just a steady week of selecting what to pull and what not. Have given up on chasing the GM marathon.  Mark is closer than I am on completing the 30 card set, so I traded him some hard to get cards. Vintage Thursday hit and with it being the last in the marathon I knew it was gonna be a tough pull. And when I say tough I’m talking about 300k + for me in credits. Important thing is I got it,  then Topps threw us a giant curveball and stated that they will be re-inserting the “Luke Preps” card into the chase. I wasn’t around at the time due to Android and Topps not having the app out for us Android folk, but when this card dropped there was so much traffic on the servers, that they crashed and only 1250 cards were distributed. The demand for this card has skyrocketed, with trades hard to come by you might have to go elsewhere to get it. I finally was able to capture my elusive “white whale”.  Finally got a vintage Han in a trade. Cost me some key pieces of my WV set,  but Vintage is my favorite set and now all I need is Luke Preps to get all 3 award cards.  Hope you all have a good week of pulling!

Ron (CPTHRIO on #SWCT and @CPThrio on Twitter)

I had a good balance this week as I’m currently only chasing two sets – TFA Classic and TFA Die Cut (notice a theme?).  Those two are great contrasts because the TFA Classic is a fairly easy set to chase with 1:7 odds, while the Die Cut is more challenging with 1:25 odds but $7,500 packs.  I liked the balance because the TFA Classics kept me interested and positive, while the Die Cut was a little more exciting and stressful.  I’ve done very well with the Classic though I know some have had a bit harder of a time.  The Die Cut has been up and down.  I’ve managed to pull the slightly harder to get purple variants but I’d prefer the greens.  I’ve found that trying to trade the purple for greens plus something else isn’t quite that easy.  Everyone just wants a 1:1 trade which is frustrating.  This set is coming to a close so I’m hopeful I can keep up and flip the purples for my greens.



Buying packs is fun, but when is a good time to buy pack and get good odds of pulling an insert?  Many of us from experience have found that right when a pack drops is when you should start pulling. Especially if it’s a marathon set. The more people pulling better the chances of you getting a 1:50 card. If you are pulling Boba packs at 2 am when most are sleeping hoping to get a TC, more than likely you are gonna go through 49 packs and get it on the 50th. Hope you this tip helps!


Star Wars Card Trader is at an interesting place. The flagship insert of the app, Vintage, has just completed. Where do they go from here? Build on the past and continue the set going forward, or dump it like Teals and Spectrums and try something new? Nobody knows, but a decent amount of people will be disappointed if things change too much. I hope Vintage is here to stay.


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