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About that Star Wars: The Force Awakens “son of Lando rumor” (it’s false).

I’ve had a lot of people contact me today about this rumor that Finn is Lando’s son that is popping up in various places. I personally don’t believe that is the case at all. It seems to be picking up steam from a lot of different places today because of an Amazon listing:

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 3.43.51 PM

What I find wrong with it:

  1. “Lucas Films Ltd.” They got the company wrong. It is Lucasfilm or Lucasfilm Ltd. You will never see anything real with “Lucas Films” on it. I’m betting they teach you that on your first day of orientation working for Lucas Films (that’s a joke).
  2. Star Wars VII Force Awakens is probably the laziest way I’ve seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens written on anything in a long time… a long time. Lucasfilm and Disney are not using the VII moniker on anything. For the current marketing run, Episode VII and the VII aren’t being used to push the film or the products. Licensees and vendors are not getting anything  mentioning VII, so that’s another clue they took creative license.
  3. Why would a puzzle ever get that information? It is a puzzle. Everything works on a need-to-know basis. I wish they were telling everyone everything like that.
  4. Anyone that is a vendor on Amazon can list their items they have for sale. Amazon isn’t selling this. P & E Enterprise is. That isn’t Amazon’s writing; Amazon is just fulfilling the order. P & E is responsible for the mislabeled product listing.
  5. I’ve seen this puzzle in person. The puzzle itself has no identifying information like this on it, enforcing the idea the vendor simply made an assumption.

What I find right with it:

  1. They got Finn’s name right.

I’m not saying we might not one day learn Finn is related to someone or learn his parentage. But this isn’t a genuine clue. This is almost like how anyone can update a listing on IMDb. The vendor botched the listing and that’s it.

This puzzle listing has come up three times now so I’m finally covering it, hoping it happens less in the next 40 days. I hate writing articles about what isn’t happening and would rather cover what is happening. Each time this has come up, I have had a lot of nice people tipping me off to the story and I appreciate that a lot. But this one just isn’t what it seems.

Lando…. you are NOT THE FATHER!

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