All about Supreme Leader Snoke in Star Wars: The Force Awakens you wanted to know but were afraid to ask

It’s the first time I’ve been on set not yet knowing what the character’s gonna look like. I mean talk about secrecy!

EW has given us some updates on Supreme Leader Snoke played by Andy Serkis. Snoke was constantly changing even after principal photography:

Snoke kept changing, not only through principal photography, but even after. (So any “early concept art” that may be floating around online is probably nowhere near what this dark-hearted character looks like.)

Damn! Well, I love a surprise. It is interesting that the character kept changing. I have always had the impression the character mostly sits upon a throne or something like that and we’ve only heard things about him inside a “Great Hall.” It appears Snoke is huge, which is why they used motion capture to bring Snoke to life:


 “The scale of him, for instance, is one reason. He is large. He appears tall. And also just the facial design – you couldn’t have gotten there with prosthetics. It’s too extreme. Without giving too much away at this point, he has a very distinctive, idiosyncratic bone structure and facial structure. You could never have done it [in real life.]”

Serkis gives us some insight into what he must look like and what he’s after. He wants some kind of physical resurrection from the sound of it. Serkis says:

Obviously he has a huge agenda. He has suffered a lot of damage. As I said, there is a strange vulnerability to him, which belies his true agenda, I suppose.

Snoke is huge damaged entity with an agenda. Sounds like my friends! Check out the full article at EW.



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