Further evidence that Star Wars’ “Slave Leia” moniker is dead?

My friend Andy mentioned on Twitter this morning that he saw a new piece of metal bikini merchandise labeled “Jabba’s captive.” Here’s the photo he snapped at a Barnes and Noble:

When I looked at the product online descriptions, they do not feature the term “slave” anywhere (but they do mention the iconic bikini).

Barnes and Noble: 

Mrs. Potato Head may be Jabba’s captive, but she’s never looked better! This Princess Leia PopTater is straight out of cinematic history, paying homage to one of the most popular Star Wars scenes of all time! This must-have collectible stands 6″ tall and includes the iconic “gold bikini” from Return of the Jedi. Designed with collectors in mind, the Princess Leia PopTater is perfect for fans of all ages – whether for play or display.

Entertainment Earth:

Star Wars Princess Leia Poptaters Mr. Potato Head

  • Star Wars? More like Starch Wars!
  • Fantastically detailed version of Mrs. Potato Head as Princess Leia.
  • Includes the iconic Jabba’s captive metal bikini!

With Mr. Potato Head styling, Star Wars becomes Starch Wars! This Star Wars Princess Leia Poptaters Mr. Potato Head features the Jabba the Hutt’s prisoner costume of Princess Leia as a Mr. Potato Head figure that includes tons of extras and interchangeable parts. Measures approximately 6 1/2-inches tall. Ages 2 and up!


I have issues with saying Leia has never looked better as Jabba’s captive, and calling the scenes where she wears the bikini the most “popular” (rather than heroic, iconic, empowering), but I get where they’re going with this marketing. It seems these subtle changes to the descriptions of the costume aren’t a huge leap from “slave Leia,” but it is an improvement. Can Disney take it further and market this costume as an empowered, kick-ass hero costume? Probably. Will they? Doubtful. Still, I’m happier with my daughter growing up buying toys marketed this way rather than something clearly designed to attract the attention of male fans. Also, it seems if you were afraid of the costume being completely removed from store shelves, that isn’t an issue yet.


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