Geek University: Academic Perspective on Star Wars


Not long ago, Jason Ward was kind enough to post a video I created about “Balance in the Force.” The video was part of a new YouTube channel I created called Geek University. Well I’m pleased to announce my collaboration with Jason and the MSW team to help promote these videos. I expect to give you guys a weekly update with new videos in the channel. My thanks to Jason for giving me this opportunity.

So I’d like to start by giving you guys an overview of the channel, which started about one month ago. The channel examines popular fandoms and provides academic insight into their story, and delivers three episodes each week on the following topics. I’ve included the playlist for each so you can get caught up if you want.

1) A video essay discussing the geek franchise and how it relates to world religions, philosophies, history, art, science, and more. (Tuesday)


2) A video delving into the real-world history of the franchise. (Friday)


3) A video explaining the lore/story of the franchise. (Saturday)


From now until the end of April 2016, the channel will focus on Star Wars. So far I’ve focused on the “big picture” of Star Wars, but I will soon (this Tuesday) begin my academic analysis of Star Wars Ring Theory, and will eventually move to other topics like mythology, The Force Awakens and WWII, the science of superweapons, and much more.
Potential franchises for future discussion include Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Lord of the Rings, Halo, Assassin’s Creed, Doctor Who, and Star Trek, among others. I’m proud to work together with MSW for this first “semester” of Geek University with a focus on Star Wars.

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