Geek University’s video essay on Balance of the Force!

My friend Jason Hamilton started a new YouTube channel called Geek University that discusses Star Wars from a fun-yet-academic approach. I really enjoyed his most recent video essay about “Balance of the Force” and suggest checking it out:

My interpretation of the Force and balance was always one that centered around the idea of the balanced galactic body. With all things connected through the Force, Anakin bringing balance would be to put the galaxy back into harmony with itself. The Sith and their extremely evil ways (blowing up planets and the like) bring a great disharmony to the galaxy. The Sith are a cancer on the body universe that destroys democracy and seeks power which corrupts absolutely. Without the Sith, the galaxy is a beautiful D-major chord and the Sith’s presence turns that into complete dissonance. The body is infected and will die unless it eradicates the infection. The body is unhealthy and only with a purge of the infection can it become a balanced body once again. Anakin brings this balance when he sacrifices himself and destroys Emperor Palpatine.

I hope you enjoyed Jason’s video and I suggest following him.





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