“Guardians of the Galaxy” Director James Gunn Rules Out Star Wars as One of His Future Projects.

Eric Cameron shared this fun Twitter exchange he had with James Gun about Star Wars: 

Recently, Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn responded to one of my tweets. I asked him, “If Disney and Lucasfilm asked you to direct, write or produce a new Star Wars Film, would you do it?” He responded:

As this may break the hearts of some fans like me who would’ve loved to have the incredible director work on Star Wars, it won’t happen. Perhaps Mr. Gunn does not want the fate of Star Wars to be on his shoulders even when we all know he would make a stellar film. Disney/Lucasfilm could still go to him for his advice, but he has no interest in directing, producing or writing any future Star Wars films. As always, May the Force be with you!

Gunn is kicking ass with Guardians work and I’m glad he’s going to keep doing what he does best. I can’t lie though, I wouldn’t mind seeing what a Star Wars film looked like from him (assuming it doesn’t look just like Guardians of the Galaxy, which is unlikely). Thanks to Eric Cameron for sharing!

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