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J.J. Abrams says Lucas story was gone before he was hired onto Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Anthony Breznican of EW had a little bit of information regarding the George Lucas treatments being discarded and Lucas’ subsequent departure as a consultant. Yesterday we got a video of George Lucas discussing the “breakup” with Disney and Breznican added:

Director J.J. Abrams says he hopes The Force Awakens honors what Lucas originated decades ago, and adds that he had nothing to do with the decision not to move forward with Lucas’s story treatments. “Before I showed up, it was already something that Disney had decided they wanted to go a different way with,” Abrams said in an interview with EW (conducted before the CBS interview). “But the spirit of what he wrote, both in those pages and prior, is everything that this movie is built upon.”

This makes sense with recent bits of info claiming that Lawrence Kasdan was being brought in to help lure J.J. Abrams onto the project. Read the full story at EW.

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