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New EW article on Rey and Finn confirms a few Star Wars: The Force Awakens rumors

EW has a new article by Anthony Breznican about Rey and Finn (Daisy Ridley and John Boyega). It reiterates some things we have had confirmed this week, just in case there was any question or confusion. I really loved the piece.

Breznican lays out Finn and Rey’s backgrounds again which is something I appreciated:

So, Finn and Rey may not look alike, but their commonalities far outweigh their differences. Both are essentially war orphans. He was a child soldier, bred to wear the white armor of a stormtrooper and fight and die, if necessary, on behalf of The First Order. She was abandoned at age 5 on the desert world of Jakku, and has been waiting ever since to be reclaimed.

The fan rumors that Ridley and Boyega are an item are shot down, the two actors are just pals (sorry Tumblr):

In real life, Ridley says, she and Boyega are “like brother and sister – unfortunately for all those people who ‘ship,’ which I never knew was a thing but I guess comes from ‘relationship.’ We get on really well and we make each other laugh. Sadly, people think a guy and girl can’t be friends without something romantic going on.”

Ridley got some advice from Ford on how to fly the Falcon:

She even got some sage starship-flying advice from Harrison Ford. “I was doing randomly switch-flipping,” Ridley said. “But I was probably flipping switches a bit too much, and Harrison kind of put his hand out and said, no, everything had to have a purpose. Like, you flip a switch and then you see what it does, before you do anything else. I was probably flipping switches too quickly!”

John Boyega seems to confirm the sabers lighting up as I reported a few weeks ago:

“That’s when I got the real saber, which is blue, it’s lighted, and just looks really epic,” Boyega says. “It felt monumental in my hand. I knew not to play like I used to when I was a kid, but to actually use it in serious combat for a scene. It’s absolutely crazy to have in your hand. It’s a bit heavy but it’s worth it. “

Head over to EW and read the full piece.

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