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New Star Wars LEGO set shows us Takodana, Leia’s ship, and Kylo under the mask!

These LEGO sets are considered what some might deem to be “spoilers” (albeit very minor ones we’ve seen on TV and in magazines before). Just a heads-up.


A new batch of LEGO pictures have been released by showing more of the Takodana-centric sets. The cool thing is it seems to confirm that Kylo Ren’s face is indeed “normal” under the mask. It also shows off the rest of the ship that we’ve seen Finn walking up to in the TV spots and it is indeed Leia’s B-wing-type ship.

These sets are pretty cool. I like the ones that have a lot of figures as it gives me and my son something to play with while I “help” him put the sets together. I think that’s the best part of the LEGO merchandise is that you can make it a family project. Once Luke and Penny get a little bigger, I think we’ll start throwing down on the huge sets.

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