Review: Star Wars rings from Larson Jewelers!

The amazing people at Larson Jewelers were kind enough to send me a few of these rings to review for you guys. I know now that Thanksgiving has passed everyone has gift giving on the mind so I hope this helps with your shopping. I  mean if you’re not buying Star Wars gifts this year, what are you doing with your life? 😛

The collection of Star Wars rings from Larson Jewelers are made of the incredibly strong tungsten carbide. I used to work in jewelry and I can tell you tungsten rings are made to last! They’re especially good for men who refuse to remove rings to work or exercise. Tungsten rings do not scratch. They keep their luster and shine for life and in the case of an emergency they can be cut off unlike some other metal rings.


Larson Jewelers sent me a few designs including the Tatooine landscape as well as Chewbacca and a few more and in person the engraving looks even better than on their Web site! The rings are light and comfortable as well. I hardly remembered I was wearing it all day until I took my jewelry off before bed. I got a few comments and interested looky-loos when I was running errands as well. They sent us one in Jason’s size and he immediately said he wished it was his wedding band.

I definitely would recommend these rings as a fun alternative gift for the Star Wars fan in your life and think they’re worth the regular retail price. The even better news is that they’re on sale right now! Larson Jewelers is having a huge Black Friday sale all this weekend. I bet they’ll have a sale before Christmas, too.

Here are a few more of the designs, but there are even more so head over to the Larson Jewelers website to check them all out!


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