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Rumor/Spoiler: Maz Kanata wears her sunglasses at night in Star Wars: The Force Awakens! Why?


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Anthony Breznican has suggested that Maz Kanata has a very special power in his EW breakdown of the new TV spot for Star Wars: The Force Awakens that hit this morning. 

 We’ve only seen her on the poster – a smallish figure with black goggles. Her eyes are covered because they hold a secret power. That’s why her narration is significant: “I have lived long enough to see the same eyes in different people. I see your eyes. I know your eyes.”

In the past I have released information about Maz Kanata (then codenamed “Rose”) dispatching stormtroopers using her “special powers.” Does she simply lift her “sunglasses” and somehow kill them? Is this what induces the flashback where the crew sees what happens to Luke and then the journey of his lightsaber?

Concept art for Maz generally showed her teaching, tinkering with crystals, and looking monk-like. The gear on the poster we see was new to me and made me think that might not even be Maz on the poster, but looking at it deeply, I can see how the creature design under the gear is Maz.

What is Maz? She doesn’t appear to be a Jedi, yet she appears to have the wisdom needed to be one. She has power and this wisdom, yet she hangs out with pirates and thugs. Is she like Jesus that was pure but hung out with prostitutes and the dregs of society to enlighten those that need it most?

I’m actually wondering if she still has a statue of herself outside her castle somewhere or if the statue is something else.

Pretty interesting rumor for the day!

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