Spielberg says Star Wars: The Force Awakens could be the greatest movie of all time.


Star Wars and Spielberg have a long relationship going back to the start, which is strange as Spielberg has never directed a Star Wars film outside of doing a bit of pre-viz exercises on Revenge of the Sith. A few shots from that time may have made it into film or inspired George Lucas and he of course gave notes on the rough cuts of all the six previous films. That said, Spielberg hasn’t given us a Star Wars film and it doesn’t sound like he will. Basically, he says the stars have never aligned on that front. Spielberg says he loves Star Wars and he drops this:

 I think The Force Awakens could be the greatest movie of all time. “

That’s a pretty good endorsement. I agree with Spielberg that The Phantom Menace was an instant classic and the rest of the prequels are very cool movies. Some of you don’t agree, so an endorsement from Spielberg doesn’t mean as much to that segment of the fandom. That said, it is a pretty awesome endorsement as far as I’m concerned!

Spielberg is said to have seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens at least three times. That’s an additionally solid endorsement and I’m sure he gave some notes to J.J. Abrams during that process which probably means we sort of have Spielberg on as a sort of consultant on the film. Spielberg’s long relationship with J.J. Abrams and more importantly Kathleen Kennedy probably means he’s rather close to the film in post-production.

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As an aside: Peter at SlashFilm said our previous translation of the French quote might have been incorrect. We translated one word to greatest but sure enough when I checked with my French speaking brother-in-law the word more correctly translates to “biggest”. Doesn’t really change the quote but there it is. – Amanda

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