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Wednesday night’s episode of Star Wars Rebels is easily my favorite so far this season. While the Rebels panel at New York Comic Con gave me some idea of what to expect, this episode was extremely enjoyable and gave some great insight on Sabine’s backstory.

As Sabine is one of my favorite characters in Star Wars Rebels, this episode is at the top of the list. It really had everything: action, drama, suspense, and backstory. All things a good story should have.

So the episode starts out with Hera assigning Sabine a mission to transport a courier with secret information. As usual, Ezra and Chopper tag along but are under Sabine’s rules. Ezra starts getting into a one-way conversation with Sabine about how she likes being alone a lot, when she is side-tracked by a familiar graffiti design. She doesn’t say anything to Ezra just yet, but she knows something is fishy. As Sabine and Ezra enter the docking bay on Garel, they start saying a certain code Hera gave them back at the base:“It’s a long way to Alderaan.” They say this numerous times to different people (not knowing their courier is really a gonk droid), scaring off some of the locals. As Sabine reconfirms the code with Ezra, the “crate” that Ezra was sitting on top of was the courier, a gonk droid named EG-86. Ezra then tells Sabine how he can’t believe the Alliance would hide such secret information in EG. Sabine says, “Well, would you expect that thing being a spy full of secrets?” As soon as Ezra responds to Sabine with “No, I guess not,” a mysterious figure arises from the shadows responding to Ezra, “That’s too bad… because I would.” As soon as the figure reveals herself as a bounty hunter, Sabine immediately knows that it is Ketsu Onyo, her former friend back at the Imperial Academy, before Ketsu left Sabine for dead after they escaped the Academy.

As it turns out, Ketsu is hunting down EG for a bounty. Shortly after their not-so-friendly reunion, Ketsu and Sabine are forced to work together to fight off some stormtroopers. During the small battle, Ezra orders Chopper to get EG onto a cargo ship. Sabine then successfully escapes on the ship with EG and Chopper but during battle, Ezra falls off the ship due to a stormtrooper blast. Ezra calls in Hera for assistance, and I presume that Hera picked Ezra up along the way since we don’t see Ezra again until the end of the episode united with the rest of the rebels. As Ketsu is left to fight off the rest of the stormtroopers, she is surrounded. Ketsu is able to hold them off without a problem, returning to her ship in one piece shortly after.

Back in space, Sabine’s ship detects that Ketsu is not far behind. As Ketsu approaches, she knocks out Sabine’s hyperdrive so she can’t get away. Ketsu then blasts Sabine’s door open which is now pulling loose objects into space. Chopper and EG didn’t get a chance to lock themselves down to the ship yet. Thankfully, EG could not fit through the opening due to his size–same with Sabine–but Chopper flies right out of there like a ship going into hyperspace. About to float off into nowhere, Chopper is able to fly over to Ketsu’s ship and do Sabine a favor by disarming Ketsu’s weapons system.

As Sabine and the droids try to escape, Ketsu activated her tractor beam and starting reeling Chopper in. As Sabine can’t leave her comrade behind (with the exception of Ezra), she tells Ketsu they’ll make a trade. As the two ships interlock, Sabine and Ketsu come face to face again. Sabine isn’t giving up EG, but she is not leaving without Chopper. When talking to Ketsu, she describes Chopper as a friend. This leads them into a conversation about their friendship. Sabine then forgives Ketsu for leaving her for dead. Soon after, the Empire is on their tails since Sabine’s ship was identified as stolen. The two are then forced to rejoin forces like the old days and escape from the Empire. They then blow up the stolen ship leaving the RX pilot droid behind (note that this was the droid Sabine and Chopper shut down when they originally stole the ship). As soon as the explosion goes off, Sabine and Ketsu go off into hyperspace in Ketsu’s ship. They deliver EG safely to the Rebel base, greeted by R2- D2 (note that this is the second time in the entire series we see Artoo, and the first time this season). Ketsu then takes Sabine and Chopper back to Garel, where the rest of the rebels are. Greeted by Hera and Ezra, Sabine, Ketsu, and Chopper exit Ketsu’s ship. (As I said earlier, we don’t see Ezra again until this scene. This implies that he was rescued by Hera, or just returned to the base by foot. Sabine invites Ketsu to come join the rebel cause, but Ketsu isn’t ready to go against the Empire just yet.)

This is not the last we have seen of Ketsu and I’m happy. Ketsu is a very strong character and has a lot of potential to build up throughout the series. It was nice to see Sabine with a friend that isn’t part of the Ghost crew. Overall, I give this episode a solid 10 out of 10. Everything about it felt right. The character-driven drama and the progression on character personalities was superb in this episode. It truly is my favorite episode so far this season and possibly my favorite episode between both seasons.

FUN FACT: Ketsu’s design in Star Wars Rebels was actually based on early concept art intended for The Force Awakens.

Well I hope you all enjoyed this review of Star Wars Rebels: “Blood Sisters.” You can find me on Twitter @TheSuperJedi and on YouTube: TheSuperJedi. Well… until next time… May the Force be with you!

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