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Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Livestock Solved!



A long time ago, there was a report about the monsters of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Back then, giant tentacle monsters roamed the forests of what was to become Takodana. The story shifted somewhat and I could never really figure out what happened to them. I figured those concept pieces and storyboards were simply pitches that never amounted to much:

A tree planet.  The storyboards depicted a sequence in which two Stormtroopers were taken by the monsters and eaten. The monsters sneak up on the Stormtrooper, take one without his partner even noticing. His partner then follows him to the belly of the beast. So the monsters and their capabilities were being explored by the art department.

Then there was the mystery of the livestock. The livestock is what Han Solo has on the giant freighter when we are introduced to him. 

I have now seen the livestock. The livestock consists of tentacle monsters with round mouths and 360 degrees of teeth around the mouth. Basically, the Takodana roamers from earlier in production became the livestock that causes mayhem during the fight between Han Solo and the Kanjiklub Gang. Rather than the livestock being the Happabores as we thought (they were seen on that set in the TMZ photos) they are in fact the crazy tentacle monsters we talked about a long, long time ago.

Thanks to Jared S. for the assistance.

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