Topps Star Wars Card Trader Round-Up #13: Journey to The Force Awakens

Welcome back to’s weekly Star Wars Card Trader Round-Up #13!

We took a little break because it felt like so did Star Wars Card Trader. The app was pretty much nothing but variant base chases for a little bit there and still is somewhat. They have brought back some old favorites like Space Paintings and not so favorites like Mint Press. They introduced the Neon Base Variant which is a 5 count card that you basically pay 100 dollars for. Finally, they started the 105 card Journey to the Force Awakens set which is pretty damn cool but pricey unless you buy at least Master Access for .99 cents.  This week we’ve already seen more drops than we had the last few weeks.  It seems there’s been an awakening…


This week we’re going to talk a little bit about what got us into the app, besides it being Star Wars of course. What was it about virtual Star Wars trading cards that got us so obsessed?

Mark (GRIDDLEMARKS on #SWCT and @Griddlemarks on Twitter)

I’m on Android so when Star Wars Card Trader started, first on iOS only, my thought was pretty much that it was stupid and I’m not doing that. Virtual cards? Ummmm…no. It finally made it to the Android operating system and I was still hesitant. I read a review where someone gave it 1 star and said that you lose your cards if you don’t spend money daily and that bothered me. I kept seeing people pulling cards on my Twitter feed and asked my buddy @Trooper_5 what he thought about the app because I noticed he was Tweeting about it. He told me that it was cool and that you didn’t need to spend any money. He did warn me that it was very addicting. Addicting? Ha. It’s an app, not crack. So I didn’t believe him and downloaded the app. I had no clue what I was doing. All I know is liked Boba Fett and since I could get a ton of cards in the Boba Fett pack, I opened those every day. I had no idea that specific packs would give you specific inserts until I received a notification about the Posters set, and I love Star Wars movie posters, so that was what I focused on. That’s pretty much how I met @LaKingsDru, because he was collecting Posters too so we would help each other out. From there, my collection has grown as has this obsession. Is it addicting? Hell yeah. But it’s a ton of fun. It’s also frustrating at times, but what game isn’t? It’s a slow time in the app right now. I’m saving most my credits for Del Rey Inserts because they remind me a lot of the Posters set that got me into the app in the first place. Hopefully, with them bringing back old sets in the down time, I can get Series 2 of Posters. I’d love it!


Andrew (DARTHDRU80 on #SWCT and @LaKingsDru on Twitter)

I first heard about the app from the guys on Now, This is Podcasting! I am an Android user so the app wasnt avaliable to us right at launch. I have always been a sports card and Star Wars card collector, so this had my attention right away. The day it dropped in the Android market I quickly downloaded it. Like Mark stated above, I too had no idea what I was doing. No idea about what sets to chase or hot cards to get. I would just blow my credits on whatever. I got hooked on the Posters set and that’s where my addiction took off. I pulled my first Vintage card (Fett Attacks) and I was hooked on that set. I had to have every card in that set. Was finally able to get all 30 by the end of the marathon chase. This app has seen a period of slow times and numerous variant releases. Variants are not my thing so I was able to build a good supply of credits up. The recent set releases and sigatures have been a welcome sight. My favorite set right now is the Del Rey book set. Every card released is a book cover from the new canon books. These cards are amazing in art work. They are limited to 2500 count and have a marathon type chase feel to them. I just hope marathons start up again soon because I looked forward to Vintage Thursday.


Ron (CPTHRIO on #SWCT and @CPThrio on Twitter)

I got into this app because the Topps Digital team did an interview with Jason and Randy on our podcast, Now, This is Podcasting!  It sounded like fun and it was free so I explored it.  I also didn’t know what I was doing or what packs to open.  Fortunately I did a bit of internet research and listened to the podcast interview so I had some idea.  I think the hardest thing at first is knowing what you want to collect.  At first I ignored the inserts completely.  I was focused on trying to pull yellow or gold base variants.  I can’t even tell you why.  Now I’m the opposite and ignore base variants completely and focus solely on inserts.  I will say that before I got on the insert wagon, I almost dropped the app.  It was getting a little repetitive (obviously since base variants just have different colored borders) and I hadn’t plugged into the SWCT community.  I think ultimately that is the best part of the game.  The cards you have don’t matter if nobody else cares about them.  This is true for trading but also for general interest.  Once I started chasing various insert sets with Dru and Mark, that made the game much more interesting.  Once I joined the Black Sun Card Cantina on Facebook I was hooked.  The set that really got me and that remains my favorite set today is the Jedi/Sith Warriors set. Without Dru’s help, I wouldn’t have been able to complete this fairly difficult set.  We also chased some awful sets (Shadowbox…ahem)  Again, the fun is in the community.



The app has definitely had its better days. There are a decent amount of mistakes or errors coming from the development team but we try to remember that no one is perfect and that Star Wars fans can be some of the most critical out there. But in the end, we hope Topps Digital can learn from their mistakes and they are taking the down time to make some awesome set and wow us when The Force Awakens premieres. At the very least, we hope they are working on finishing up the Galactic Moments Marathon Chase. C’mon Topps. It’s been way too long.

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