A Big Thank You To The New Actors Of Star Wars: The Force Awakens!

I have been meaning to write this article since The Force Awakens was released. As great and amazing as the movie is, there was a key piece that made it flow so nicely, and that is the actors and actresses of The Force Awakens! Today I am going to focus on the new stars of the film and really just give them a massive thank you.


Daisy Ridley as Rey 

Daisy is without a doubt one of the shining stars of The Force Awakens. This is Daisy’s first feature film and she nailed it! Her acting was always on par, and her portrayal of Rey was perfect. One of my favorite things about Rey is her generosity and innocence in the movie. She’s been through so much but she never lets that get her down. Rey/Daisy has genuine beauty, she doesn’t need fancy outfits like many other characters in other franchises or any of that to make her who she is. We see the opposite of that so much in Hollywood so I’m more than thrilled for a genuine role model that is both Daisy Ridley and Rey. Rey is also such a badass. She kicks major butt and doesn’t need anyone’s help to do that (even up to defeating Kylo Ren)! Her reaction to The Force Awakens trailer is priceless; it really shows her excitement for Star Wars. She also interacts with her fans on Instagram which is awesome. Being a autograph collector and how much I love to meet the actors, as well as doing celebrity interviews on my podcast, Daisy Ridley is the number one person I want to meet and interview–she’s just to awesome! You can follow Daisy on her Instagram page and Facebook page. Rey is easily my new favorite character and I can’t wait to see her in Episode VIII!


John Boyega as Finn

John Boyega’s portrayal of Finn is flat-out amazing. He gives the perfect level of humor and emotion to the stormtrooper-gone-rogue. Finn has one of coolest and unique storylines ever in any Star Wars movie. From wielding a blaster to a lightsaber, the dude is a badass and John is the perfect actor for the role. John’s enthusiasm for Star Wars shows in each of his social media posts. His reaction to The Force Awakens official trailer was awesome; you could see the joy and pure excitement in him. He also visited a ton of theaters in New York the day The Force Awakens was released, surprising a bunch of Star Wars fans. John is a class act and I really hope to meet him or interview him sometime soon at a Star Wars Celebration or different con. Make sure to follow John on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



Oscar Isaac as Poe Dameron

Oscar Isaac has been a fan of Star Wars for almost all his life. He always explains in interviews that all his family are Star Wars fans. He even dressed as a Gonk droid once for a Star Wars movie. Poe Dameron is a straight-up cool character. He’s been described as a cross between Luke Skywalker and Han Solo and I can say without a doubt that is true. Oscar rocks the role, and it shows. Oscar also happens to be a great singer, he sung “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” with Rey herself, Daisy Ridley. Also from what I have heard, Oscar is a new heartthrob for some fans, as are Daisy and John. Poe Dameron is for sure in my top 15 favorite characters! Hopefully I can meet Oscar at a Con.


Adam Driver as Kylo Ren 

OK, how awesome was Kylo Ren and his heated temper tantrums? Kylo is one of the best new villains in cinematic history. Between his tension with General Hux, his heritage, and of course being master of the Knights of Ren, how much cooler can you get? I remember J.J. always saying how right Adam Driver was for the role and indeed he was! Adam brought such a outstanding performance, and he is a fairly new actor. The scene where he confronts Han Solo is one of the most emotional scenes in all of Star Wars. You can really see the hesitation within Kylo, and Adam does a perfect job portraying that.


Domhall Gleeson as General Hux 

Domhall Gleeson’s preformance as General Hux is simply stunning. When Hux is acting like a very Nazi-type villain giving his speech to the First Order troops, you really see how good at acting Domhall is. It was totally believable from start to finish. Hux’s hatred toward Kylo Ren is also a very interesting storyline and I love how both Domhall and Adam portray that. Domhall also seems to be a pretty huge Star Wars fan–there is one interview where he talks about how excited he is to have his own action figure!


Gwendoline Christie as Captain Phasma

Game of Thrones actress Gwendoline Christie portrays Captain Phasma in The Force Awakens. While Phasma doesn’t have a large part in the film, when she shows up she shines. Gwendoline’s voice is absolutely kick-ass, and every time Phasma talks she sounds so cool. Gwendoline herself is a massive Star Wars fan and it totally shows in any interview she gives. She is always so joyful when she talks about Phasma and how excited she is to play the first on-screen female Star Wars villain. She always says that “Star Wars is part of a fabric of our being,” and how impactful it was for her as a kid, so for her to step into that world is unreal for her. She is literally living out every fan’s dream. She is for sure someone I want to meet one day.


Lupita Nyong’o as Maz Kanata

I loved Maz Kanata. She was a very unexpected favorite character of mine. Lupita’s performance as Maz was top notch, and Lupita’s voice was incredible in this role. Maz’s scenes where some of the coolest in the movie. I loved seeing how she runs a cantina in a castle and how she is strong in the Force. I am really hoping to see her more in Episode VIII!



So I just want to give a huge THANK YOU to the entire cast of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. You all have a talented future ahead of you, your passion for acting really shows in this film, and I can’t wait to see Episode VIII! A question for our readers: who do you want to meet the most from the new cast?


Host of First Order Transmissions on YouTube and staff writer at MakingStarWars.Net.

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  • Kaitlyn Nightshade

    Nothing will top my favorite, funny line in this movie. “Trash compacter!”

  • Travis Ice

    I thought Ridley absolutely killed it as Rey. In my mind if her performance was subpar it would have drug down the whole movie. She was excellent and the movie was better because of it.

  • Randall Lionheart!

    Lol, Gwedonline Christie as Phasma was totally pointless. Obviously thrown in because people like her on Game Of Thrones and they wanted another woman involved.

  • I. J. Thompson

    Hear, hear!

    You know, a funny thing happened to me the last (2nd) time I saw The Force Awakens: I was so wrapped up in the performances and adventures of the new cast, I actually FORGOT that the Heroes of Yavin would be appearing in the film!

  • George Yearsley

    I couldn’t agree more with this article.

  • clevelandtruth2011

    Is this site on the payroll of Disney/Lucasfilm? I rarely see any criticism. It’s all sugar and spice.

    • Secure

      This is a site obsessed with every detail and love of Star Wars. If you’re looking for criticism it’s doubtful to be found here.

    • Ghost of Obi Wan Kenobi

      I double checked for you: no, it isn’t on Disney’s payroll.

      It also isn’t funded by George either.

      • clevelandtruth2011

        Where is your proof? I hope you don’t expect we would simply take your word for it.

  • “While Phasma doesn’t have a large part in the film, when she shows up she shines…” Really?

    • Nelson Matos

      literally =)

  • Tom Devito

    It took Luke 3 movies to be able to weild the force handily. It took Rey 1 movie to be able to almost defeat Kylo ren. Thats like having luke fight and almost defeat Vader at the end of Episode IV, Also if Luke was a chick, and could also instantly speak Wookie.

    Thumbs down Disney

    • 999SickBoy666 .

      To me it felt a little more believable than having Luke deflects laser blasts right after learning about the Force, becoming a badass fighter pilot without any training and being able to use the Force to destroy the DS.
      Actually, it is way more believable, considering that the flashback seems to suggest that Rey had some kind of Jedi training and that we clearly see that Kylo Ren is torn, complexed, unable to control himself and afraid.

      Also, this is a movie, not a videogame: the fights are way more about the characters’ conflicts and the moral complexity of their narrative arcs, and way less about “how powerful he/she is”.

      • StopDeletingMyPosts

        Not to mention Kylo is quite badly wounded from being shot by Chewie, and is bleeding all over the snow. He’s certainly not facing the two heroes in top form physically, and I daresay after killing his father his emotional state must be an absolute maelstrom.

        • 999SickBoy666 .

          That’s right – fighting (even in real life) isn’t just about training and strenght: control over emotions and focus are also fundamental (and one of the reasons why Rey defeat Kylo is that she find her focus and throws him off balance).

          However, I really think the worst part is the “videogame mentality” – it always makes me think of those Dragon Ball episodes where they had the goggles that read the enemy “fighting level” (“it’s over 9000!!!” and all that shit) – which may works for a fighting-based cartoon or a videogame but it’s just a stupid approach with movies (also, I can promise you that authors don’t give a crap about that sort of things: fights are won or lost depending on what the writer need and what make sense for the story to move forward).

          • sepiajack

            Yeah it seems like the main group of people who hate this movie either have a beef with a black hero, a female hero or seem to think Star Wars is Pokemon and everything is about some sort of fighting stats. This seems to come out of the a lot of the prequel stuff, and prequel related comics, videogames, books etc.

            TFA is back to the original star wars. Magic. The heros journey. Action motivated by character. Characters that are likeable because of their personalities, not because they use “style 3 saber technique” or have a high midichlorian count, or any of that malarky.

          • 999SickBoy666 .

            Precisely that – thank you, sir 🙂

        • Tom Devito

          Hes so badly wounded that when he quickly gets her to the edge of the cliff with lightsabers in her face, he mentions the force and she goes into a trance for a minute or two, a ‘quick break’ during a heated fight while Kylo sits by and lets it happen. Instead of taking her head off, pushing her slightly off the cliff or moving at all.

          • Secure

            Snoke had also ordered Ren to bring her to him, not to kill her.

          • Ghost of Obi Wan Kenobi

            Question: do you think the series would be better off if he did take off her head?

          • Tom Devito

            It was so underwritten and poorly designed. Both with the story screenplay and the dialogue that it wouldn’t matter. This is but one small example of destroying the intimate mysticism of Star Wars. If the intention was not to kill her then you don’t even write a scene where they are locked on the edge of a cliff so she can pause to ponder something and recycle the same Luke’s theme for the 10th time. In the background

            It is such a waste of energy on this site ever being objective about Star Wars or actually being critical.
            But you might remember in episode 4 when a guy named obi wan did that and vader cut him right down.

      • Tom Devito

        The writers were so anxious to prove that girls can be “even more so” than men, that they’ve forgotten the first phase in the hero’s journey. When we first meet Luke, he’s an inexperienced farm boy, who plays with Model T-16s, gets scolded by his Uncle, gets knocked unconscious by a Tusken Raider. Even in the second film, Luke gets mauled by a wampa and stuffed into a taun-taun carcass, and has his hand cut off in his first lightsaber fight.

        Not Rey though. She gets to skip this first phase of the hero’s journey because GIRL POWER! Somehow, she can pilot the Millennium Falcon and use a lightsaber all without any training at all. Not only is she Han Solo, but she’s also Luke Skywalker too! Effectively fighting off a trained Knight of Ren, whatever that is, in her very first lightsaber battle. But don’t you dare question her girl power you misogynist, even though it doesn’t leave much left for Finn to shine with since Rey can apparently do it all. At least Kathleen Kennedy and Disney will be selling plenty of Cover Girl Star Wars make-up, as they rewrite the EU to appeal to teenage girls.

        Some folks have argued that Luke blew up the Death Star with no training or help, but that just isn’t the case. Luke had experience flying his T-16 through Beggar’s Canyon shooting womprats, which weren’t much bigger than the exhaust port on the Death Star, remember?
        Additionally, he had the aid of many wingmen who simultaneously drew fire away from him and fought next to him. Furthermore, Han Solo returned to take Darth Vader out of the fight, who would have likely picked off Luke otherwise. And finally, Luke was guided by the spirit of Obi-Wan. Using the force for a single shot, in Contrast this with Rey, who although has some initial difficulty getting the Millenium Falcon off the ground, is soon evading fire from multiple TIE fighters and deftly flying through the tight interior spaces of shipwrecked Star Destroyers. I don’t have the stomach to brave this film a second time, but I’d like to see some other intrepid viewer track how much time is spent focusing on Rey piloting the Falcon. It felt like that was the entire first half of the movie. If you think it was more believable than Lukes defeat of the deathstar. You need to reevaluate your life.

        • Edison

          “You need to reevaluate your life.”


        • Kenny Ritchie

          But did she skip the hero’s journey first phase? How do you know this? Rey is currently very open-ended. We know next to nothing of her past.

        • sepiajack

          But she doesn’t do more so than the men. Her abilities are on par with Luke in the beginning of the Star Wars trilogy.

      • sepiajack

        Very well said.

        Also of note, Rey is established in the movie more than once at being very experienced in fighting with her staff. Luke had no sword training at all.

    • Secure

      Kylo Ren is not that strong with the force yet. Lets be clear here – he is using the dark side. His character makes all kinds of mistakes throughout the entire movie. He fails to get the droid. He fails to acquire the map. He fails at apprehending Rey. He gets shot by a Wookie. Ren is also bleeding while trying to fight the girl who had just beaten him at his own sorry attempt at mind-reading, as well as blocking his lame attempt at retrieving Luke’s lightsaber. Ren even says to Snoke that “SHE IS STRONG WITH THE FORCE.”

      Just because Ren has had some training in the Dark Side of the Force does not mean he is stronger than Rey. Remember, Yoda told Luke that the dark side was not as strong:

      Luke: “Is the dark side stronger?
      Yoda: “No. No. No. Quicker, easily more seductive.”

      I think you need to reassess your criticism.

    • Edison

      Lol, nerds.

    • Ghost of Obi Wan Kenobi

      Well, he made up for it by speaking droid instantly.

      • Tom Devito

        To a droid that spoke English. Even years working with droids and mechanics on tattooine didn’t allow him to understand all parts instantly of the millennium falcon instantly like Rey. Because that would require a story.
        Real SW fans know the originals are still intact and u touched

    • sepiajack

      Luke was the same as Rey. He had no training, not only in the force, but no experience in flying a space ship but he was able to destroy the deathstar and outlive all the experienced fighter pilots.

      He also retrieves his saber with the force in the wampa cave in ESB with no training, and no one even telling him that telekinesis was a power jedis had. Old Ben certainly never mentioned it or used it in ANH. In fact audiences should have been shocked when Luke did that as there was no previous indications that the force involved telekinesis.

      Rey also defeated Ren because she is strong with the force, and he isn’t

  • DharmaPhil

    At what point does fanboy praise become plain sycophancy? I mean sure, theyre performances were on the whole pretty good. But you don’t thank an actor for performing well any more than you would thank the wind for blowing. It’s what they do. Thank the casting director, thank the director… As much as I appreciate their fantastic coverage of all things ep 7, this site is starting to feel like a bit of a stroke job.

    • Tom Devito

      Well you are late to notice that here. This site while it has great news, is swimming with fanboyism and is now moving to the point of delusion.

    • Padre de Perritos

      I enjoy this site and appreciate all the work they’ve been doing, but I have to agree with you.

    • Andrew Hewitt

      So it’s wrong to thank someone for doing a great job? Jeez, I’m glad I don’t work with you. The people listed did an incredible job (in my opinion, and that of many others) and brought an enormous amount of pleasure to tens of millions of people, so why is it so wrong to thank them for that?

      • DharmaPhil

        It’s not wrong. I forget that this is first and foremost a fan website, not an actual news website. Furthermore, I greatly appreciate the enthusiasm with which the various actors approached the project. The things that kind of irritates me is that no attention whatsoever is paid by this site to some of the films more obvious and odious shortcomings. It’s just praise and nothing but praise. For example, I would very much like to see an honest discussion about Starkiller base. Needless to say there are some glaring conceptual problems there that are not getting the attention that they deserve. At any rate, s’all good, man.

  • bhak

    So true. I especially enjoyed the new “Big 3” and I found General Hux to be absolutely terrifying. I can’t even decide which of the new big 3 is my favorite, they were all amazing! Meanwhile Gleason and Abrams nailed the idea that the Empire/First Order are the Nazis and it made them all the more chilling as villains.

  • Matt Cave

    Here here! The new cast was fantastic. Not enough good things can be said about the amazing job that Daisy, John, Isaac, and Adam all brought to this movie. My only critiques of TFA were the overtly similar moments to the original Star Wars (which isn’t a bad model to base a movie on).

    I sincerely can’t wait for the new movies and wish the best for these new actors who will lead us into a new era of Star Wars

  • Ilkka Pättikangas

    I agree 100% with everything in this post. Rey is my favorite too, I absolutely love her. Daisy Ridley does a stellar job bringing her to life, she is amazing 🙂 And I love her chemistry with John Boyega too

  • Black Jedi

    Nice write-up; I feel pretty much the same, although Boyega’s Finn is definitely my favorite. He was phenomenal.