Daisy Ridley talks to Refinery 29 about seeing The Force Awakens, crazy fan theories, and wookiee hugs

Refinery 29 has a series of interviews coming out highlighting the women of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The first is the charming little piece with Daisy Ridley. Daisy has been all over the place hitting the media circuits to promote The Force Awakens and personally, I haven’t tired of hearing her talk about it yet. Here are a few highlights from the interview.

What are the craziest theories you’ve heard?
“The Kylo-Luke thing. [Ed. note: There is widespread speculation among fans that in the new film, Luke Skywalker is in fact the villain Kylo Ren.] I’m like, Kylo Ren is Adam Driver! Luke Skywalker is Mark Hamill! It literally makes no sense. To me, that is crazy. I have no idea where it comes from.”

That’s been dispelled, no?
“Well, no. I’m still being tagged on things in Instagram, like ‘Who thinks this is gonna happen? Twelve days until we find out if this is true!’ And I’m like, we’ve announced the cast!”

You’re about to become the hero to a new generation of fans — especially little girls. How does that feel?
“[Smiles] It feels nice. Firstly, it’s cute because all the kids are dressing up in Rey costumes, and I’m like, that’s amazing! A lot of people have found something in Star Wars that they might not find in other places. The movies are like people’s family, people’s friends. Obviously, it’s never gonna answer the world’s problems, but all those people who might be feeling lonely and then think about all the characters that they share some similarities with — for that to be some kind of buoyancy in someone’s life is incredible.”

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Go and catch the rest of the interview at Refinery 29 and stay tuned from more form Refinery 29 including interviews with starts Lupita Nyong’o and Gwendoline Christie!

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  • Jesus’s Best Friend Floyd

    I’m glad the Kylo Luke thing is B.S.

  • Kareem

    Weird that she is being compared to Keira Knightley and not, er, Natalie Portman, who she actually looks more similar to (and was the previous lead female in SW).

    • Hayde Christiansson

      reminds me more of knightley, who was in Phantom Menace, And Rose Byrne in Attack of The Clones

      • Timmy FayFay

        Who the hell was Rose Byrne in Attack of the Clones? Wow, missed that one. There was also an early Joel Egerton performance in there.

        Most of these actors were unrecognizable – in large part because Lucas told them not to act.

        • Hayde Christiansson

          She is Padme’s handmaiden during the Coruscant scenes

    • Hayde Christiansson

      Weird that Hayden’s casting was so hyped when Knightley and Byrne have gone on to bigger careers

    • Dee

      Think it’s because she’s also a brit.

    • Sean

      She looks much more like Keira Knightley to me, but like she said in the interview, the more I’ve seen her, the less she looks like anyone else and the more she just looks like Daisy Ridley. All three of them do share a lot of similarities, though, and all three of them are incredibly gorgeous, but that probably goes without saying. lol

  • Hayde Christiansson

    Ren is….Khaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnn!

    • Jonathan

      You could’ve at least put a spoiler warning…

      • Hayde Christiansson

        Sorry, Ren is John Harrison