Review: Captain Phasma from the Star Wars: The Force Awakens collection by Loungefly!

Well it’s Christmas time, but I want to first say that I’d be posting this review even if it wasn’t Christmas time because I LOVE Loungefly products. You guys should take that capitalized “love” seriously because you should know by now how much I hate everything.

My love affair with Loungefly began last year when I started seeing their Hello Kitty handbags and wallets online. I grew up with Sanrio, and I think Hello Kitty is hella fly, but it is hard to commit to a Hello Kitty handbag. Now, a Star Wars bag? No problem. You can find my previous review from my small collection here.

Today we’re going to be talking about the Captain Phasma offerings from Loungefly’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens collection, which also includes BB-8 accessories as well as gorgeous art from the film’s promotion.

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First things first: the chrome-like finish on these babies will get fingerprints on it. There’s not really anything you can do about it, but they wipe off easily with a eyeglass cleaning cloth or something similar. Still, if that’s something that really bothers you, now you know. Personally, I don’t consider that a negative against the material.

The Captain Phasma handbag is the same size and shape as the R2-D2 bag which I previously reviewed. It’s also the same as Loungefly’s BB-8 bag. The inside is plenty roomy, and it has two zippers for the main compartment, which offers the biggest possible opening when unzipped. Nice for shoving diapers and toys in.

The Phasma wallet is also nice and roomy. It offers 12 card slots and two large cash slots, as well as a center coin holder and room around it for more goodies. It expands pretty well when fully unzipped. I’m not a fan of large wallets (I’ve been using my C-3PO coin purse from Loungefly as a wallet for months), but this is one I’d actually consider using as it doesn’t have any folding flaps or outside zippers so there’s less bulk.

The Phasma coin purse is my absolute favorite. It looks just like her helmet and it really is a great size as well. Like I said, I use these babies as wallets because they are so roomy. I picked up the BB-8 and R2-D2 coin purses this past week and the Ewok cross-body bag recently, to add to my collection.

I really cannot recommend these products enough for the Star Wars fans in our lives. The prices on these pieces are truly appropriate for the quality you get, and the designs are unique and elicit tons of compliments. You can’t go wrong with Loungefly. See the whole collection at Loungefly.com where they even have some cool hats and scarves now!




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