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Rey’s Heritage Confirmed By Kylo Ren In Disney Infinity 3.0?

There is a clip going around of the new Disney Infinity 3.o Star Wars: The Force Awakens game. It really sounds like he says “Face me, cousin!” The implications of such a moment are very clear. What do you think of the audio from the game?

The video can be seen here.

If Rey is Ben’s cousin, that makes her parent Luke Skywalker in all likelihood. We received the game this week and will verify it tonight.

If this is what we think it is, I have to say, it isn’t a mistake. It is meant to make us discuss Disney Infinity 3.0. I know the game isn’t canon; however they are not going to make such a familial statement on a whim. If this says what we think it says, she’s the cousin of Ben Solo and is Rey Skywalker.

(Via YouTube)

Possible line that’s not “cousin?”

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