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Star Wars is finally courting female directors.

Slash Film has news today from the LA Times that Disney and Lucasfilm are taking meetings with female directors and writers for future Star Wars projects. I’m very sick so excuse the brief reporting on this one, but wow, what great news!

Following a recent summit to discuss the gender gap in Hollywood, William Morris Endeavor agent Adriana Alberghetti set up meetings at Lucasfilm for four female directors and three female screenwriters.

Lucasfilm president and Star Wars: The Force Awakens producer Kathleen Kennedy has stated before that someday there will be a woman directing Star Wars. To her it’s  a fact. Furthermore, Kennedy has voiced what an advantage it is having women in the Lucasfilm story department.

“Having a female point of view in the room — when you get into a discussion about behavior — who would say what and how they would interact with one another,” Kennedy explains. “In certain situations women are going to have a different opinion on that than men. It made for a really balanced conversation in the room.”



In the LA Times article Kennedy emphasizes how much effort Disney is putting toward fixing that gender imbalance in Hollywood.

“They are really, really making a huge effort across the company to put more focus around casting women and putting women in positions of responsibility, with directing and various other positions inside, different lines of business in the company,”

Over the last several years that I’ve been in the business it seems to me that this has been a topic of conversation every few years. Then everybody thinks it’s a trend or that it’s a significant change. And then it doesn’t really move the needle. I think that’s — hopefully— what’s going to begin to happen now. It’s going to be real change. And not just perceived change.”

These are all really good things to hear. Hearing them from such a power house like Kathleen Kennedy is reassuring as well. Go and read the rest of the excellent LA Times article.


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