You may know of a really awesome and kind soul on Twitter named Darth Kindness. David, as he was called before he fell to the dark side of kindness, is a really good friend of ours here at and he’s also a teacher! We’ve made it no secret that we love kids so when Dave asked us to participate in a coloring contest for the kids at his school, we couldn’t say no. Seeing young kids get really jazzed about new Star Wars is so awesome.


There were two age groups participating: Kindergarten through 2nd grade and 3rd grade through 5th. After over 80 entries were submitted, Dave sent us the finalists to choose winners from.

Here are all of the finalists:

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And here are the winners!

1st prize: 

Justine - 2nd grade

Justine – 2nd grade


Celia - 3rd grade

Celia – 3rd grade

2nd prize:

Sawyer - 2nd grade

Sawyer – 2nd grade

Jesse - 5th grade

Jesse – 5th grade


3rd prize:

Tammy - Kindergarten

Tammy – Kindergarten

Jaidyn - 4th grade

Jaidyn – 4th grade