This chowdahead proposed to his girlfriend just before Star Wars: The Force Awakens!

A few days ago at the Star Wars: The Force Awakens marathon, my really good friends Ashley and Keith got engaged. But that crazy son of a bitch, Keith, proposed to Ash right after Return of the Jedi, just before The Force Awakens. That’s the most romantic thing I’ve heard of since proposing on the Universal Tour just as Jaws pops out of the water:

Guy propose to girlfriend at Star Wars marathon - Imgur-127 (dragged)

The coolest part (for me, not them) is that I introduced these crazy cats a few years ago. I was kind of on a roll. I was like, I should make a Star Wars Web site called MakingStarWars.net and I should set up Ashley and Keith. They were both awesome people and great friends so that actually made more sense than starting a Star Wars website. It totally worked (unlike that investment in an Alpaca farm I put everything into).

Keith contributed to MakingStarWars when it was just a Tumblr, often covering products he was interested in. He covered the same products on this site for a time until his career picked up.

Congratulations to Ashley and Keith! I suggest you name your first baby together “MakingStarWars.”

You can see the video of Keith proposing here.


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