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Yahoo! News’ Katie Couric Interviews Star Wars: The Force Awakens Star John Boyega

Yahoo! News just sent us this great information on the latest “Conversations with Katie” where Katie Couric interviews John Boyega while in New York for the Star Wars costumes exhibit.  They discuss a variety of topics regarding Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

What’s particularly interesting is that the interview takes place after Boyega has seen the final cut of the film with Kathleen Kennedy.  He says that he’s not nervous about the premiere now that he’s seen it and it gave him “clarity on how it’s gonna do.”  That’s a really confident statement.

The video also contains some cool side-by-side cuts of TFA footage next to OT footage which I thought was great.  My favorite part was when Couric pushes Boyega on where Luke is and whether Finn is a Jedi.  Boyega seems like such a passionate Star Wars fan that you can’t help but appreciate him.

You can check out some details below and the interview on Yahoo! News.


It’s being called the most anticipated film of all time. Star Wars™ The Force Awakens is set to break box office records around the globe, all the while whisking generations of fans back to that imaginary place from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

Yahoo Global News Anchor Katie Couric walked with the film’s star John Boyega through the Star Wars exhibit in Discovery Time Square. During their tour, they talked about his character, Luke Skywalker, what Marvel Super Hero he’d most like to play, and John did some amazing imitations (including his take on: “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”)

Interview highlights include John Boyega on:

·         Why Star Wars is so popular – What drew me to this world, #1 is the characters and their stories. It’s so human, but set amongst this space opera which gives it a magical affect. The ultimate fight against good vs. evil is something we can all relate, too. It gives us something to root and fight for.

 ·         How he got the role – J.J. Abrahams loved him in another movie and got in contact with him four years later. That kick-started seven months of auditions, meetings, training and then J.J. told him he finally booked the part – ‘That he would be the star of Star Wars.’

 ·         Luke Skywalker/Mark Hamill’s role in the trilogy – Luke is not there for a reason. You have to trust the makers, the powers that be. Luke is mysterious for a very big, major reason and it’s going to be cool.

 ·         The evolution of his character and if Finn is a Jedi – He is definitely a trained warrior. Jedis are a part of myth and a part of legend. In the trailer, we see Hans Solo say, “It’s true, it’s real. All of it.” It’ll be good to see who helms the Jedi role. That’ll be cool.

 ·         Which Marvel Super Hero he’d most like to play – I’ve wanted to play all of them… If I could only play one super hero, I would love to be Spider-Man. That would be fun.

 ·         Conversation with Robert Downey Jr. — I sought him out. I wanted to meet him and at the time we were at the same agency, so I sent him an email and just said I’d do it, if you’re up for it. He sent me a charming email back saying that: ‘you know what, when you’re in LA to come over to the house and we’ll have a chit chat.’ So, we did. He’s fantastic. He has an abundance of knowledge. He wouldn’t call himself my mentor, but I call him that because of how much I learned from him.

Check out the interview over at Yahoo! News!


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