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More on that The Force Awakens planet returning for Star Wars: Episode VIII!

What follows below could be considered spoilers by some. Read on if you don’t mind knowing about a planet from The Force Awakens that will appear in Star Wars: Episode VIII.


The complications for filming at Skellig Michael are pretty well known to Star Wars fans that followed The Force Awakens’ production and more recently that of Star Wars: Episode VIII. We have heard that a lot of the filming for the Luke Skywalker refuge planet of Ahch-To will take place over several locations. Much of the filming appears to be taking place at Pinewood Studios where a full replica of many parts of the Skellig Michael location has been recreated. They have already filmed at Skellig Michael once, so any return to the location could be for plate shots, I would specualte. We have heard that dwellings are being made at Pinewood to be carried to off-site locations for filming around May 2016. The information below is interesting in this context:

Today The Kerry Eye cited Kathleen Kennedy talking to Expose in which she says:

“We’ll continue to use Skellig. Skellig is absolutely beautiful and you know the extraordinary thing which just shows you the force was working in Ireland is that it was sunny and beautiful both times we shot there,” the producer said.

“We’re going to be near Dingle and Skellig again.”

Blabba The Hutt suggests:

They will ‘Use Skellig’, but may not shoot on Skellig, instead it looks as if the Dingle Peninsula is going to be used as a ‘Cheat’ location for the eighth installment in the Star Wars saga.

Based on this information alone it would seem that Ahch-To is going to play larger part in Star Wars: Episode VIII than it did in The Force Awakens. Now I’m curious if Rey’s free climbing skills are going to come into play inside the first Jedi temple or not.

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