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Part II: Even more on that The Force Awakens planet returning for Star Wars: Episode VIII

What follows below could be considered spoilers by some. Read on if you don’t mind knowing about a planet from The Force Awakens that will appear in Star Wars: Episode VIII.


Yesterday I reported:

dwellings are being made at Pinewood to be carried to off-site locations for filming around May 2016.

Today my favorite Irish Star Wars Podcast, “Blabba The Hutt” helped us confirm that. The Skellig Michael beehive dwellings are being replicated. “Blabba The Hutt” also have a huge contribution to the information, and that’s where the dwellings are being taken:

We also got a tip as to where the ‘Cheat’ location for Skellig Michael will be! Our sources have told us that ‘Ceann Sibeal’ (Irish for Sibil Head) in West Kerry will provide the back drop for Ahch-To (the planet we find Luke Skywalker). Production crew are expected to roll into town as early as April 2016!

That lines up perfectly with a few things I have been told recently with people believing they’re going to be involved with the production out there closer to Summer 2016, the back end of the shoot.

It is always nice working with an Irish Hutt to talk about dwellings and huts. Check out the “Blabba the Hutt” podcast.

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