has updated! If you visit Disneyland or Disney World and ride the ride often, it is a fun stat keeper I enjoy to augment my experience. The web app for phones has added Jakku and a variant pull down menu for Naboo and Coruscant:

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The source for this stuff has been very right on info of this nature in the recent past:

  • Takodana and Starkiller Base are being added to the ride before we get “Star Wars Land” opening. That’s not really earth shattering news but there you have it.
  • An Episode VIII “sequence” is being planned as the capstone to these new Star Tours additions (for now).
  • Sources say Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will have a dedicated attraction in “Star Wars Land” but don’t rule out Rogue One for Star Tours just yet.
  • We can expect a “Star Wars Land” preview in the parks as well.

It should be pretty cool to see what they have cooking up for Star Wars at Disney Parks.

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