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Star Wars Rebels returns on the 20th with “A Princess on Lothal”?


Gervaise B-A was looking through his cable listings when he came across a listing for what should be the next episode of Star Wars Rebels on January 20th called “A Princess on Lothal.” Now, when we hear “Princess” in Star Wars it is pretty easy to assume this is Princess Leia. While that would be neat and I honestly would prefer to see Leia sooner than later, this could be a different princess. I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up for Carrie Fisher voicing Leia here though. All we have to go on is one destination.

I have to ademit that Star Wars Rebels has been far from my mind recently with all of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens hoopla so if I missed this announcement before now, I apologize. I’m looking forward to some new Rebels stories.

Here is the cable listing Gervaise found:

Star Wars Rebels A Princess on Lothal

There have been instances in the past where episode titles have appear incorrectly in cable guides but “A Princess on Lothal” is the only title I think I’ve heard about the next episode of Star Wars Rebels. It should be noted this could be an error, but hopefully the show does return on January 20th and that princess, whoever it is, ends up being rad.

Thanks to Gervaise B-A for the heads-up.

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