Chris Pirillo on Star Wars baby names and cyberbullying.

Chris Pirillo made a video based off an article he discovered this week. The video is pretty well stated so I’ll link to that and not the article in question, as to not contribute to its success. The article, in essence, attacked fans that might want to name their kids with Star Wars inspired names and dress them in themed onesies. The article then goes on to basically justify the bullying of anyone with such names and blames the parents instead of the bullies. Anyways, Chris says it best:

My son’s name is “Luke” and my daughter’s middle name is “Rebel.” Chris named his awesome daughter “Jedi.” The people that are going to be jerks to them over that were going to be jerks to them anyhow. I was on the Luke Thomas Show as a guest before The Force Awakens opened and he said he grew up with people constantly quoting Star Wars lines to him. With the name Jason, I grew up with Friday the 13th quips pointed my way. Dealing with bullies and unwarranted teasing is just a part of life. But to attack anyone that loves Star Wars enough to let it inspire their offspring’s name is unnecessarily rude and critical of a culture the author of the Cnet piece doesn’t understand.

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