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Concept Art Description: Star Wars Land!

I gotta little peek at a piece of concept art for the Star Wars Land coming to Disney Parks. The goal is total immersion and the only thing that breaks the immersion are the tourists in the painting. I’ve heard the goal is to be immersive like Cars Land, to such a degree they’re building a tunnel over Star Wars Land so the Disneyland train isn’t seen in a Star Wars environment. I’m not sure this warrants a spoiler warning, but if you’re that type of person, I suggest you stop reading now; it will make the time go by faster!

The piece I saw is somewhat outdated. The architecture is completely Tatooine for this piece and that has shifted to a more Star Wars: The Force Awakens type of look from the cut “Exotic City,” like what we saw at the D23 announcement. The painting takes place at night (yet you can still see Tatooine’s binary sunset in the sky) and the sky is illuminated and you see thousands of stars in the sky behind the white clouds.

See-Threepio and Artoo-Detoo roll into a town square type of environment. We see the droids from behind as we follow them into the picture. To the left is a dirty building with a green illuminated screen. Under the screen stand two stormtroopers guarding the door of an establishment. We see some female tourists sitting on a circular bench (like two archways on their sides but not connected). The ground is dirt with poles in the ground with light blue lights running up the top quarter of them. Think space tiki torches.

Threepio and Artoo appear to be looking inside a two-level structure. The bottom level has some kind of greenish light illuminating the doorway. It could be for something like the fish tank bar we saw in the released concept or something else; it is sort of impressionist in the detail there. About the structure: on the second story, there is a round sphere-type building with two platforms attached to it. Sitting on those platforms are an orange Star Speeder 1000 on the left and a red Star Speeder 1000 on the right.  The very top of the round structure has antennas and stuff sticking out of the top of it.

To the right of the picture there is more two-story Tatooine-style buildings with tarp-style coverings and awnings for shade. An alien with long arms and a black hood walks hunched over next to a small boy that is excited to meet the creature. Behind them are some rocks and stones on the dirt road. A large tower looms above the street like one you might see in Mos Espa or Mos Eisley.

On the far right is a building with a green light illuminating the structure. On top of it sits a landing pad with a full size Imperial Lambda-class shuttle like the one from Return of the Jedi. The pad has a purple light rim that makes the shuttle look particularly cool and icy. On the street below it citizens walks with capes on straight out of the Star Wars films, side-by-side with tourists. Off in the right hand side of the frame, a green tarp covering frames the Imperial shuttle as it is actually the closest thing to us in the frame. The wood (almost bamboo) frame holds the green tarp in place, offering shade or cover for the people in the land.

Little droids and characters populate the scenery in really convincing and natural ways. From the things we’ve heard, this same type of place will be in the new park, just a little different in design. It is expected to have a full sized Falcon and a place that might be Maz’s castle from The Force Awakens. Other concepts show the First Order speeder, which basically just cameoed in The Force Awakens when it was stolen by Rey and Finn (in the sequence where she wears Finn’s jacket), as potentially being the vehicles patrons will ride in for the battle against the First Order. We’re also told that the boat ride that’s coming is not a Star Wars attraction, it seems. It also seems the snow speeder from Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be built for the park in general either way. Supposedly we can expect a lot of holograms with fake advertisements for things in the Star Wars universe and lots of pilots, droids, and creatures roaming the streets of Star Wars land.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for this place to open up.

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