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Dave Filoni Reveals Secrets From The Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Mid-Season Trailer!

Entertainment Weekly had the chance to interview Dave Filoni about today’s Star Wars Rebels Season 2 mid-season trailer, and Dave gave out a lot of new information. Click HERE to read the article. Here are some key reveals:

• The holocron showing Anakin Skywalker is actually something Anakin put together–it is of Anakin demonstrating how to battle with a lightsaber. Dave also confirmed that it was to costly to add Jedi robes so that is why he is in a different outfit.

• We also learn that the temple that we see Kanan, Ahsoka, and Ezra enter is actually underground somewhere, and not on the surface. Dave also goes on to say that while these characters walk in one way, they will not be the same walking out.

• We also get to learn that we will go back into Sabine’s backstory (showcasing Mandalorians) as well as Zeb’s backstory.

This article is a very good read and I highly recommend reading it over at Entertainment Weekly.  

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