Rogue One: A Star Wars Story: A Father, a Daughter, and the Destroyer of Worlds!

There’s a really interesting rumor that is unverified but we’ve heard it multiple times, so it feels like now is the time to report it as it could be good info on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. If this pans out, it would be considered spoilers. I do believe this information to be accurate. You can consider this your spoiler warning in case that’s not clear.

Rogue One

Mads Mikkelsen (Galen appears to be his name in the film) is kind of the key to the film in a way. He is a scientist that took over the Geonosian Death Star project. He solved several of the flaws the Empire could not and is sort of a revered person in the Empire for his contributions. However, Mikkelsen’s character is a Robert Oppenheimer-type character. Oppenheimer helped design the atomic bomb only to say, “Now, I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.” The guilt “Galen” feels for his contributions to the Empire become too much and he defects, attempting to make things right. In order to do this, he enlists the help of his only daughter….

Felicity Jones’ character has to undo the devastation her family has unleashed onto the galaxy. Early versions of this character had her as a bounty hunter type of mercenary. But with the familial connections it appears as if this idea might not interface with the final stuff for the character so I’m hesitant to say she’s a bounty hunter/mercenary type in the final iterations of the film. I believe she is probably a scientist-type herself in character of the mission to get the plans, aided by bounty hunters, in this final iteration. (But I could be wrong about that part.)


If you remember yesterday we found out a name “Lyra Erso,” and we have heard back:

The same woman that doubled for Daisey Ridley has been doubling for Felicity Jones and her name is Becky. Gabby may well be doubling on the film, but it is not for Felicity Jones.

          So it would appear that Lyra Erso is unlikely to be Felicity Jones’ character.
That’s all for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story today. Next time we will discuss a few things glimpsed first hand.

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  • AlabasterZ

    I hope Vader, The Emperor, Bail Organa and Geonosis appear in this film.

    • iKing

      Would love them to get Jimmy Smits involved as an older Bail Organa!
      I don’t care if there’s no Leia or Palpatine, this guy would be a great tie to the Republic days.

  • stephengraves

    Genuinely quite surprised that Mikkelsen isn’t playing a younger Lor San Tekka – I was convinced they’d try and include some sort of link to the new films.

    • regeekery – JD

      yeah well even if Mads isn’t playing Lor San I still hope that he’s in the movie somewhere.

  • ClanTechie

    I hope Vader and Palpatine will have at least a cameo in this thing.

    • AlabasterZ

      That is what I am hopping for the most for this movie!

  • Kent Kaliber

    I want Vader as full on VADER —- in his full GLORY aboard the Death Star and killing “rebel scum” left and right.

  • Josh Wilcox

    I still feel that Felicity’s character is Nora Wexley from the Aftermath book since she said she is a x-win pilot and has been with the rebellion since before the first death star. I bet Galen’s last name is Wexley too.

    • regeekery – JD

      I seriously hope you’re right. I got a kick out of Temmin Wexley being in TFA as a grown up, now I’m hoping the Wexleys feature in another movie, Rogue One would be ideal.

  • DailyPlunge

    The only reason I’m inclined to believe that Felicity Jones might be Rey’s Mom is otherwise this movie is a really bad marketing move by Disney. This film only confuses the casual film goer who liked the new Star Wars film.

    Did you hate the prequels: “Yeah”
    Did you like The Force Awakens: “Yeah”
    Do you want to see another prequel: “Uh”
    It doesn’t have any Jedi in it!: “….”

  • Milling

    Still hoping for a Ghost/Phoenix squad cameo. I just want my favorite Jedi in live action, maybe have her as fulcrum?

  • tinispeckofdust

    I really wish Felicity Jones was playing Ashoka Tano. Rouge One should have been about her finsl showdown with Vader. She could help get the Death Star plans and sacrifice herself to prevent Vader from getting them and from finding out that he has a daughter.

    • TheDevil’sAdvocate

      Only problem is this: Ashoka never appears in the prequels – to suddenly introduce her to the wider film going audience would appear contrived (and, honestly, it seemed contrived when they did the first Clone Wars movie) – but Clone Wars and Rebels definitely made her a fascinating character. However, for now, I feel she would benefit from staying in the animated canon (which will always be second tier in position to the general public films – despite being a top quality edition to the canon overall).

  • bargal20

    It would be cool if they could work the Tonnika sisters into this story.

  • Travis Ice

    I just got this information from the internet, so it may not be true. But there are rumors that John Boyega, the actor who played one of the lead characters in TFA, may in fact have at least at some point in his life been black. I’ll go watch it again and get back to you if it seems like the rumor might be valid.

    • Han Solo :(

      Well then you should have seen the movie and not just the trailers. He had more than a few lines, He was the comedic Jar Jar relief. Until Rey is asian, Poe is Mexican, Chrome trooper, is revealed to be a south african woman with short hair, and Canja Club are Native Americans, this movie is racist.

      • Kenny Ritchie

        On that premise then surely every movie is racist. Name me one movie you don’t consider racist?

        • Han Solo :(

          Passion of the Christ, Shaft, Gone with the Wind, The Littlest Rebel, Madea goes to Jail, Gran Torino, Uncle Tom’s cabin

          • Kenny Ritchie

            Funny guy.

          • Andrea Parga

            Lol ok now I’m str8 laughing! I just saw what movies you DON”T consider racist and I now know you’re being ridiculous! Passion of the Christ…all white! ANY Madea movie…all black! Gone with the wind…all white! Uncle Toms Cabin…yup you guessed it all blacks….yeah you were just trying to be sardonic but failed…no one got the joke…sorry… #FAIL

        • mike

          Oscar Issac aka Poe is Guatamalan..just sayin

      • mike

        Oscar Issac aka Poe is Guatamalan….

      • bargal20

        Yawn. Obvious troll is unfortunately not obvious enough, it seems.

      • Travis Ice

        Would you settle on Poe being Guatemalan and Kanjiklub being Asian? Sounds like a fair compromise.

        • Han Solo :(

          Absolutely not. I need him to speak Spanish or with a heavy accent. Kanjiklub needs to be native american or dark until they look like mediterranean pirates on the Disney movies, or the other smuggler that Han found needs to be far more Australian than he was portrayed, as its too racist now.

          There needs to be a special edition with 4 more diverse people on the Republic watching the destruction. Separate planets of 4 different races shown being destroyed, more black officers behind Hux during the speech and on the Weapon computers, and a new fleet of strictly Black, and Asian pilots destroying the weapon. I also want a small village or settlement on the island that Rey arrives to who are native american or Asian-African and speak to her.
          Just like George Lucas editions in the 90s, there needs to be a reissue ASAP.

          • Andrea Parga

            Ummm okay??? Maybe I’ve read & interpreted this comment the wrong way…but what I think is being implied here is that up until TFA’s John Boyega playing the role of Finn the characters have all been white and you feel the lack of racial diversity is racist, did I get that right? Well if so then I must say I’m quite surprised and mildly amused by this comment! You’d have to be either blind or not have watched any of either the prequels or the OT’s to post a comment like this! Did you forget Lando from ESB & ROTJ was played by Billy Dee Williams a black man last time I checked? And as for the Prequels…Omg really? Is Samuel L. Jackson not Black enough? Is Jimmy Smits not Spanish enough? And lest we forget that Star Wars is not just populated by humans but by the most broad array of alien species from thousands of different planets, is that not diverse enough for you? Or are you only saying this because the OT’s main characters were mostly Caucasians with the exceptions of Yoda, C-3PO, R2D2, and Chewbacca (all main characters by the way) and unless Padmé cheated on Anakin then there offspring are going to be white so 2 of the 3 OT’s characters would undoubtedly HAVE to be white! For a director you call racist boy did he prove otherwise or what, when he cast the newest lead roles as a Black man and a White woman! Maybe you should go re-watch all 7 episodes again boo boo…just sayin’.

          • Ha ha ha! Um, you do realize Samuel L. Jackson and Lawrence Fishburne are two different people, right?

          • Andrea Parga

            Ouch! Yup I’m gonna just hang my head on that one! Lol! Two VERY different people that’s for sure! My bad…thanks for the correction! I have since edited my boo boo…lol! 😉

          • Akhibrass

            Did you just equate made up alien diversity with actual human diversity? Really?

      • Edison

        Finally, oppressed white guys have found their new Jonathan Swift!

  • powersforgood

    WTF?!?! Are you serious? Do you understand how racist / sexist you sound?

    • iKing

      Sounds like sarcasm to me…

      I – ironically – find TFA to be slightly racist in the sense that the Resistance and Republic both seem to be 90% human.


      I would have thought the various species of the SW Galaxy would have a vested interest in fighting the xenophobic First Order. At least in the OT they had an excuse as they lacked a lot of the technology (plus the Empire had enslaved a lot of species) but 30 years later you think there wouldn’t just be humans practically running everything. To me one of the great things about SW is that all these races just coexist and most of the time it’s no big deal to any of them.

      But in TFA it’s almost like racist casting towards imaginary aliens. A valid concern right?

      • Andrea Parga

        Yessss! Someone else who made the same point I did! I concur wholeheartedly…the lack of other worldly beings in a saga based entirely on galactic life is almost ludicrous! Smdh

        • Lor San Tekka

          We had the Black female at the front of the New Republic. And also had an asian female checkin, just for the sake of Checking in, Asian from LOST doing the pregame speech. A black controller at the Weapon, and black general checkin with leah during the attack. This is not enough. We need to have 10 black and asian people at the front of the republic and an entire fleet of asian only fighters in the re-release. No more other-worldly beings until this movie stops being racist.

          • Akhibrass

            Yet, the movie was still OVERWHELMINGLY white. You do realize that worldwide, whites are the minority?

      • Akhibrass

        OMF! Are you really equating fake aliens with real humans? What is wrong with people?

        • iKing

          Ugh… Didn’t think I really needed to point out that I am fully aware of how odd and ironic that sounds. Maybe I should have been more clear, lest someone accuse me of having a skewed understanding of racism…

          But art imitates life, and life imitates art.

          To me Star Wars (and to a slightly lesser extent Star Trek, though the two are completely different franchises – just pointing that out in case someone else misses my point and gets their nose in a twist) represents a galaxy full of diversity. And in most cases everyone in the Star Wars Galaxy regardless of their size, shape, colour, number of limbs, language etc just gets on with it. They all coexist despite their differences. They trade, they fight, they podrace, they work, they just get on with it. Even language barriers never seem to be a problem in Star Wars. The thing is, being a different skin colour is one thing, but being a different species altogether, that’s taking racial acceptance to a new level.
          And yes, obviously none of it is real, but what it REPRESENTS is very powerful.

          The fact that the Empire was a xenophobic regime that enslaved ‘lesser’ species was not an accident. The Star Wars films paint xenophobia and racism in a very EVIL light, and I think this strengthens those themes of diversity and coexistence, as the galaxy was moving along fine before they came along and spread their fear and hate.

          The diverse casting in the film is great, and much more representative of the human species than the OT was. But I feel like the actual diversity of OTHER species within the story itself, and what that represents thematically, has been lost a little bit – likely in the interest of making the film look more ‘retro’.
          So now we have what appears to be a galaxy basically run by humans, who I always thought were no more special than all the other aliens.

  • iKing

    Is it unrealistic for me to hope they work Kyle Katarn into this film somehow? I would be blown away if that’s who Diego Luna is playing, but even a just cameo would put a smile on lots of faces!
    They are making these new movies ‘for the fans’ after all.

    • Han Solo :(

      Its sad to see all the $$$$ Lucas brought in from Kyles adventures is now simply being erased. For that matter though, how many times has the stealing of the death star plans been told?

      • iKing

        True, each retelling has just retconned the last and it’s quite obvious that this one will be quite different from what’s come before.

        Kyle Katarn is a pretty popular character however and to anyone who’s ever even asked the question of who stole the plans, his name’s been right there for the past 20 years. How many Star Wars fans have grown up with that being common SW knowledge?

        We’ve seen how loaded TFA is with indulgent fan service to the OT. So much of the film recycled unused McQuarrie designs and clearly took inspiration from some of Lucas’ very early ideas for ANH. And then there’s all the Easter eggs…

        I would hope that the writers (and Disney) are able to see the potential for at least referencing material from the rest of the $4b franchise they paid for. Inevitably if any of that material is used it will go through substantial changes, but even a character name nod for someone with a similar background would be very much appreciated by the fans. If there’s a character that fits the mold of something from the EU, then why not? To me it would seem just a little bit arrogant to ignore such great opportunities just so they can make up their own wacky names (looking at you JJ).

        So a younger, non-Jedi Kyle Katarn as a minor character involved in the stealing of the plans… I’m sure a lot of people would thank them for that.

        • Han Solo :(

          I feel like that type of homage or fan service is too subtle and intelligent to ever get put to use. instead we get things like Finn ruining (tributing) both the HOlochess and the training robe droid in 1 scene. And was it 14 parsecs or 12? But for that matter we have a movie in which Luke saving his father and redeeming him, and becoming a man, opens a temple and then as soon as 1 kid goes bad, run and hides. It may be some type of new lame dialogue where they say, “Kyle? Your Kyle Katarn? We sure are up against some Dark Forces” and look at the camera. So with Disney its hard to tell what exactly we will get.

          • iKing

            You have to remember that JJ wrote the screenplay for TFA, and he loves filling his movies with things he thinks are cool.

            I hope Gary Whitta, who’s a gamer (and apparently a big enough ‘fan’ to speak very unprofessionally about the Prequels and SE) at least has an appreciation for some of that material. That is unless Chris Weitz rewrote the entire script himself. Like I said, some writers can be a bit arrogant.

          • Maude St. Nubbins

            Please tell me how your gripes are in any way different than the blatant shout-outs Lucas committed to camera in the prequels. Why single out Disney/ JJ for those shenanigans? Yes, it’s lame, no argument, but have a sense of perspective.

    • regeekery – JD

      I’m not concerned with any of the characters being in Rogue One but I’d love if the ship was just so someone on the screen could use the words “Moldy Crow” in a line of dialog.

  • Jesus’s Best Friend Floyd

    A Vader action sequence please.
    This movie is the only real opportunity for that.

    • Milling

      Kinda like in Lords of the sith.

    • AlabasterZ

      I hope the Emperor does something too!

  • Xander_Hage

    i want this story to be original so bad. no more cover songs, please. of course vader and the death star appear, but please make it in a new context.
    what I read here sounds great. hopefully this tiny bit echos the whole movie.

  • irondarwin

    Love the way this story is shaping up if this is true.

  • Meirsch.

    Now, that sounds like a proper exploration of the source material, particularly in terms of the universe’s moral complexity during the OT years.

    Can’t wait to see the first trailer.

  • Leo

    That sounds cool!

  • ZFS

    Man, I like it. A big war film with a heart. Sign me up!

  • urcasujane


    • Kenny Ritchie

      Can’t see it. Isn’t he a hermit on Tatooine during this time?

      • Braden Gunn

        Yeah, he’d be looking after Luke, but I guess it’s not impossible for him to have abandoned his post during times of need. I mean I’m pretty sure he’d have gone alone to save Leia and Alderran in New Hope if he had to.

        Though it wouldn’t make much sense for Obi-Wan to help retrieve the Death Star plans.

        • Kenny Ritchie

          It’s possible, but I believe Rogue One will have minimal, if any familiar characters. It’s supposed to be a standalone story.

          • Hey1138

            While I want Obi-Wan in an eventual Anthology film, this isn’t the proper one.

          • Kenny Ritchie

            I can see a Obi-Wan movie, but I’d prefer something different myself. I think the prequels should have focused more on Obi-Wan than Anakin, that’s my opinion.

          • Hey1138

            You’re right on the money. Most of us agree he was the stand out character of the prequels.

  • Kenny Ritchie

    “The same woman that doubled for Daisey Ridley has been Doubling for Felicity Jones and her name is Becky”, cue Rey is Felicity Jones character’s daughter.

    • Hey1138


      Yes, I still don’t believe tha’ll happen, even if I keep saying it.