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Star Wars Live Action Shows are not coming anytime soon


Collider has an interesting article up detailing a few reasons why we won’t be seeing a live action Star Wars show any time soon. It doesn’t seem like there is anything coming too soon on that front. The rumors about the shows and the ideas went really quiet in the last year. The newest Collider piece pulls a pretty good quote from ABC network president Paul Lee to discourage your hopes of seeing live action Star Wars in series form anytime soon:

“They are focused on their movies, so we don’t have any plans at the moment.”

A Lucasfilm rep told Collider:

“Our current focus for TV is on animation [Star Wars Rebels, etc.].

J.J. Abrams says he likely won’t be involved in any television projects with Star Wars because:

Since my TV deal is at [Warner Bros.],” he explains, “it is unlikely that [my production company] Bad Robot will be involved in any Star Wars television projects.”

I never really thought Abrams would be involved in a live action Star Wars show himself, but there was always the chance and the random rumor that Bad Robot could spearhead it. Clearly that is impossible. I do hope when the time is right we get that live action show though. Star Wars is big enough to support the various media, I think. That said, I also think we likely won’t get Underworld as a show when it does happen.

Check out the full story at Collider for a brief history of the live action show we were supposed to get.

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