If anyone has read the fantastic prequel book to Star Wars: Before the Awakening, then you’re in for a treat! The visual guide a few weeks back revealed that FN-2003 (AKA “Slip,” was the stormtrooper that bleed out in front of Finn during the slaughter at Jakku. Now, starwars.com has revealed that another trooper, part of Finn’s old unit, is indeed the new fan favorite trooper nicknamed TR-8R. If you are not familiar with the reference, TR-8R is the trooper with the riot control gear on that yells “traitor!” to Finn in The Force Awakens. His true name is FN-2199 (AKA “Nines”). If you read Before the Awakening you’ll get a better idea on who these troopers are. I’m personally really happy that they included stormtroopers from “Before the Awakening” as it adds more depth to those scenes.


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