Debuting the FEM7 Star Wars-inspired armor at Long Beach Comic Expo!

This weekend I got to do something unlike anything I’ve ever done before. I got to dress up like a something from my favorite movies ever, Star Wars!

Now, I’m actually not the cosplaying type. I usually hate walking around cons and I cannot stand being uncomfortable in my clothes. I honestly never got into it because I was scared of the attention. But when my good friend and cosplaying pro Sal Perales told me about the FEM7 armor and the incredible opportunity for me to be a part of its debut, well I couldn’t let my fears hold me back!


The FEM7 is a Star Wars-inspired armor kit for women! How cool is that?! The armor was designed by seasoned cosplayer and designer Kevin Weir of KW Designs. Kevin really knows his stuff! From vacuum-forming helmets to 3D scanning and modeling, KW Designs is at the forefront of the future of cosplay armor creation. This design may look a lot like the First Order troopers from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but it was actually inspired by classic stormtroopers, The Clone Wars, and Ralph McQuarrie designs as well.

I had such an incredible time putting this armor together and getting to wear it with 11 other lovely ladies this weekend. A huge shout-out to Kevin for designing something that makes me look cool to my son, and gigantic thank you to my partner in assembly, Sal Perales, without whom I would never have had this crazy adventure!

If you’re interested in one of these kits for yourself or a loved one, reach out to Kevin on Facebook or Instagram. They’re great for couples cosplay!






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