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Disney XD’s new series LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures announced!

LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures is a new television series coming to Disney XD. The series is set in between Empire and Jedi and will follow a family as they transverse the Star Wars galaxy in a comedic fashion, THR has announced:


THR has shared a synopsis:

The series revolves around the Freemakers, a family of scavengers who build and sell starships from the scoured debris of space battles strewn throughout the galaxy.  When their youngest discovers a natural connection with the Force through an ancient artifact — the Kyber Saber — his world is turned upside down, and he and his family are thrown into an epic struggle against the Empire to restore peace and freedom to the galaxy.

This series will likely be as charming as the rest of the LEGO additions for the Star Wars audience on television. If I had to guess I would say the series is designed to keep children interested in Star Wars and playing with LEGO products all year round. The series is a summer addition to XD which is about six months away from the last and the next Star Wars film.

The series does sound like a fun show for children and hopefully the parents get something out of it too. With Star Wars Rebels unlikely to ever reveal anything from the upcoming films, it seems like animation is being cornered off for the kid’s market and older fans are unlikely to see anything as interconnected as say Agents of Shield for the Marvel Cinematic Universe until there’s a live action Star Wars show forthcoming. Older and possibly disappointed fans need to remember this is the gateway drug to the harder stuff, man.

I’ll check it out this summer, why not?

Read the full announcement here.


In case you’re wondering:


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