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EW reveals Maz Kanata to finally get an action figure!

Entertainment Weekly revealed a few new Star Wars: The Force Awakens action figures that will be shown at New York Toy Fair. The new set is called “Takodana Encounter” and comes with an updated 3.75″ Rey, Finn, a re-release of BB-8, and finally: Maz Kanata! This is a really cool reveal as we had no idea when a Maz figure was coming.  From EW:

Here is Maz Kanata in all her glory as a Hasbro action figure, complete with blaster to help fend off The First Order’s invasion of her flag-draped castle. The toy includes her headgear with goggles (all the better to see your eyes), but she also comes with much more. For now, Maz cannot be purchased individually, but will be available at an unspecified date this spring as part of the Takodana Encounter 3-75-inch playset, which features three other characters.

Personally, I’m hoping to see a Luke Skywaker figure reveal at New York Toy Fair. Head over to Entertainment Weekly and check out the full piece.

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