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Foodles brought up on criminal charges for accident on Star Wars: The Force Awakens set

Lizo Mzimba has shared some interesting news regarding the production company that was started to make Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The company in question is “Foodles,” which is coming under criminal charges. The charges pertain to the incident in which Harrison Ford was injured and hospitalized. It seems as if there were four violations that brought about the incident: writes:

Following an investigation, the HSE said it believed there was sufficient evidence about the incident which left Ford with serious injuries, to bring four charges relating to alleged health and safety breaches. also got a response from Foodles:

Foodles Production said it was “disappointed” by the HSE’s decision.

Foodles and AVCO were both “codename” production companies set up to both obscure the production was Star Wars (and probably to protect Lucasfilm to an extent). Back during the prequel era, Episodes I-III were run as JAK (Jett, Amanda, and Katie) Productions named after George Lucas’ first three children. I was told these types of sub-companies are created in case things go horribly wrong, the primary company can’t suffer too many damages should a catastrophic event happen. Just today we discussed Episode VIII conducting work as Space Bear (which of course means it will have hundreds of Ewoks in it).

Thankfully Harrison Ford appears to have recovered from his injuries just fine. Not to mention his plane crash. Harrison Ford proves there’s a physical cost to being a total badass.

Last year Luke Danger and I had lunch at the inspiration for the codename:


Thanks to Club Jade for the heads-up.

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