Funko Teases 2 Exclusive Pop! Characters In Smuggler’s Bounty

In case you’ve been living inside an old AT-AT, next month’s theme for Funko’s Smuggler’s Bounty is “The Cantina.” What’s more, Funko has promised that the box will contain two exclusive Pop! characters with brand-new molds. The deadline to sign up is MARCH 15th!

People have been guessing left and right and I, privately, had guessed that it would be a new Obi-Wan Kenobi and Ponda Baba with removable arm. If you recall, Funko already did a very cool character with removable arm with the Hoth Luke and Wampa set a few years ago:


Further, Hallmark actually released a fun ornament set that made me think of this:


Today, Funko teased one of the new characters:

[SPOILER] Cantina Box Pop! Hint!

Smugglers Bounty Hint

Do you see it? Let me help:

Smugglers Bounty Hint

That right there sure looks like a BRAND NEW Ben Kenobi mold after he chopped off poor Ponda Baba’s arm doesn’t it?

Again, the deadline to sign up is March 15th so don’t miss this awesome set!


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