Kathleen Kennedy wouldn’t mind a Tony Kushner-written Star Wars film

Vanity Fair has a really wonderful article with Lucasfilm president and head Star Wars fangirl, Kathleen Kennedy.

In the article, Kennedy mentions she misses working directly with writers and throws a name on the table for a possible future Star Wars writer.

“I suppose the thing that I think about every now and then, that I miss, is: I love writers.” In particular she mentioned Tony Kushner, who wrote the play and the screen adaptation of Angels in America. Kushner also worked with Kennedy on Munich and Lincoln. She said, “To sit and talk ideas with Tony—to, you know, explore lots of different areas we could go—it’s such a constant education. That is thrilling. And so the only thing I suppose I can do is try to get Tony Kushner to write a Star Wars movie.” Kennedy laughed. “There are times I think about that.”

It sounds like Kennedy kind of really has her heart set on working on Star Wars with Kushner and she may be trying to butter him up by dropping his name here. Kushner was nominated for Golden Globes and Oscars for both 2005’s Munich and 2012’s Lincoln.


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