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List of special features from Star Wars: The Force Awakens Blu-Ray?

A Swedish website called CDON.Com has Star Wars: The Force Awakens up for pre-order. It also has listed all the special features for the two-disc set. This is not at all official, but in my opinion it seems pretty legit if this site is selling the Blu-ray. Check out the list of features:

Secrets of The Force Awakens: A Cinematic Journey
• The Story Awakens: The Table Read
• Building BB-8
• Crafting Creatures
• Blueprint of a Battle: The Snow Fight
• The Visual Magic Of The Force
• John Williams: The Seventh Symphony
• Deleted Scenes
• Force For Change

This all sounds very cool! I would imagine we may get a exclusive at one of the major retailers that will include one more disc with purely special features on it. I’m very interested in the feature entitled ” The Story Awakens: The Table Read.” I wonder if that was from the very first table read when the cast took its first cast photo. If the Blu-ray truly is being released on April 5th, Lucasfilm should be announcing it any day now. Huge thanks to Niklas for the heads-up!



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