New YouTube Channel: LoreTV

For those of you who have followed my channel over at Geek University, I’m extremely thankful for your support. Recently I felt it was necessary to do a bit of restructuring on that channel. The lore episodes, which were some of my favorite to make, didn’t really seem to fit with the overall angle of the channel. So I decided it would be a better idea to break those episodes off and create a new channel.

Introducing LoreTV, a new YouTube channel that will act as the permanent home of the Star Wars lore series I was previously developing on Geek University. I’ve moved all of the episodes over, and I’ve added two new episodes which you can check out here:



Please subscribe if you want to see more Star Wars lore episodes told in chronological order. I’m also working on several other lore series that you might like, including one on the Shannara series of books, and the Bioshock series of games. Other series will be released as fast as I can spit them out. I hope you enjoy!

P.S. Here’s the full playlist for the Star Wars complete story, including the two most recent episodes.


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