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Possible Star Wars: Episode VIII filming dates for Dubrovnik

The Dubrovnik Times had a little information on when Star Wars: Episode VIII is expected to film in Dubrovnik. Word has been going around for a while now that the filming would take place in the area.

According to the Dubrovnik based website,, the dates of the filming in Dubrovnik will be from the 9th of March until the 16th of March this year! A letter has been circulating from an international film company, Space Bear, offering information on the dates and locations in Dubrovnik.

Space Bear is the production’s codename for Star Wars: Episode VIII. The date range is smaller than expected and makes me wonder if this is the full extent of the filming or if they’re just shooting some plates and small moments before moving on? Between the architecture and the coast, the location can pretty much stand in for something we’ve seen before (like Luke’s planet Ahch-To) or someplace entirely new.

Below are some photos of Dubrovnik that believes are locations (some of them make sense and others seem less likely):


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